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Che Guevara vs, Spartacus.  A Comparison Between Two Revolutionaries.
January 4, 2012, Volume 18 Nr. 3, Issue 261
Two well known revolutionaries, Spartacus and Ernesto “Che” Guevara.  Spartacus was a gladiator who escaped from Rome.  Che Guevara was a medical student who observed harsh conditions in South America during a journey from Cordoba, Argentina in December 1951 to Caracas, Venezuela in July 1952.  Che Guevara's revolution succeeded while Spartacus' failed.  This essay is a comparison of the two to examine the differences and similarities in the two revolutions explaining why Spartacus failed and Che succeeded.
Impeach Obama.  What Controversy?  There is none.
October 19, 2011, Volume 18 Nr. 2, Issue 260
When we veterans joined the military we swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic.  I find it reprehensible that veterans, especially those  within an organization such as Veterans For Peace, refuse to do so when Barack Obama violates and attacks the Constitution.  Not condemning Barack Obama for obvious high crimes and misdemeanors mocks our status as both veterans and workers for peace.  As members of Veterans For Peace, not supporting the impeachment of Barack Obama has us violating the organization's mission statement.
The One (1%) Percenters Upcoming Solution
October 12, 2011, Volume 18 Nr. 1, Issue 259
What the world is now witnessing in the Occupy movements is that enough is enough.  We are hearing from the ninety-nine percenters around the globe that a better world is possible. We are hearing that it is time to move beyond the class warfare inherent in and perpetrated unabated by capitalism  We are hearing the resounding outcry that the world can no longer afford the rich.  The masses of people are hungry for a different and better world.  It is time to satisfy the hunger and eat the rich. 
Renewal of Vows.  Thirty Years Together.
August 3, 2010, Volume 17 Nr. 7, Issue 258
We were born together and together we shall be forever more. 
We shall be together when the white wings of death scatter our days.
We shall be together in the silent memory that is each other...

JeanneE & Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In a word...(or a phrase...or five paragraphs) #3.
March 12, 2010, Volume 17 Nr. 6, Issue 257
At 72, dying of colon cancer, she was denied verge of death hospital health care purchased through United Health in her AARP policy. United Health said she had not paid her immediate past monthly premium. My friend had written them. Next he received a letter with a $141 check enclosed and asked to sign a waiver against the situation since they had discovered that she had made her final and previous payment for the month she died in...
Peter Shepherd
I Know You Don't Believe But... Haiti - God Intervenes Again.
January 20, 2010, Volume 17 Nr. 5, Issue 256
Those in the religio-hierarchy, you know them, they are the invited to the White House.  They live in mansions, or in a city-state recognized as a separate country.  They attain power and influence not by virtue of their relationship to God.  Rather, they attain power by virtue of their relationship to the money they abscond with from gullible and mesmerized consumers of hockey-puck. 
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The Space Project to Save Humanity Happy New Year 2010.
January 1, 2010, Volume 17 Nr. 4, Issue 255
So, here we are at the start of a new decade in the early 21st century conspiring to implement human science and technology to prevent nature from bombing the earth with much more force than the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  What amazing progress humanity has accomplished.  And yet.....
Jozef hand-Boniakowski
Obama's Afghanistan Speech.  Statement in Response.
December 2, 2009 Volume 17 Nr. 2, Issue 254
In order to compel the enemy in Afghanistan to acquiesce, Mr. Obama has launched a troop surge of many tens of thousands of U.S. forces.  In so doing, he has taken the lives hundreds, more likely thousands, of Afghani civilians, and he has created many new American prisoners-of-war, while our men and women lose their limbs and their sanity at a prodigal rate.  Obama has urged the Congress to remain silent, uncomplaining and has urged the support of the American people...
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In a word...#2
August 26, 2009 Volume 17 Nr. 1, Issue 253
"Trooper" had affectionate edge to it; if an officer or non-commissioned officer called us "troopers" it was said with an element of pride as though the speaker thought we were what he had been training us for.  Indeed, one was a "good trooper" if one did what was expected, and, somehow, more with regard to getting through a particularly demanding march or battle or situation...
But seldom was the term used euphemistically to cover or hide a reality.
Peter Shepherd
Anti-Gun Hysteria and a Response
August 7, 2009 Volume 16 Nr. 8, Issue 252
John Doe, the car dealer from Blue Bay, Wisconsin, said publicly after helping provide transportation for the Susanna Tech and Northern Liberal University shooters that since homicidal maniacs were buying cars and accessories from him, law-abiding citizens should buy cars from him, too, to transport themselves away from the killers he was transporting.
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Progressives Disappearing Progressives
May 31, 2009 Volume 16 Nr. 7, Issue 251
Common Dreams is well aware that In Latin America, during the 20th century, a new term emerged for those people that had simply vanished, as if they never existed.  The term, to disappear, was the process by which writers, journalists, authors, and simply, people, who expressing an opinion that was deemed threatening went "poof!".  They became the Deseparecido.  Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, sang, "And they said, 'It couldn't happen here..."
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In A Word...#1
February 1, 2009 Volume 16 Nr. 6, Issue 250

In the last few months I have received at least two, and if I’m not wrong, maybe three invitations from our military to join their ranks. The latest is from the Marines. It is really quite a package and has a cover on which the text appears in white: “YOUR HOMETOWN.” Under this is a flap held with sticky spots, one of those new glues that does and doesn’t. Inside the other side of the flap it declares “IS YOURS TO DEFEND.” And it goes...
Peter Shepherd
George W. Bush's Last Address To The People.  A Parody: Up Yours Farewell
January 15, 2009 Volume 16 Nr. 5, Issue 249
So around the world, the United States is promoting free markets, worker exploitation, structural adjustment, greed Capitalism and the indignity of stolen natural resources. We are standing with lackeys and young Capitalistocracies, providing aid and medicine to bring dying neo-liberal societies back to life, and sparing the owning class from further wealth deterioration and loss of profits.  And this great republic, born alone in wiping out an indigenous population, embracing slavery and denying women the rights of citizenship, is leading the world toward a Nuage where the free market belongs to all nations...

Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Henry and the Talking Picture Box or the World of Waste
December 31, 2008 Volume 16 Nr. 4, Issue 248
More questions followed by more answers: The problem is “static electricity” which knocks out the programming section stored in something like a mother board which was readily knocked out and the programming had to be reinstalled to make it work. Sixty-five dollars. Could he change the board out and put a new one in? No. Who could? If he reinstalled the programming, what were the chances that it would be a final fix. None. Aren’t there hundreds, even thousands of this same...

Peter Shepherd
Capitalism Is In Crisis.  It's The Unions' Fault
November 15, Volume 16 Nr. 3, Issue 247
The blame for Capitalism's crashes rests on the shoulders of the owning class.  You see, having more than enough money and wealth, is, well, never good enough.  Being content with having millions or billions of dollars is not what satisfies the Capitalist.  Capital, to the Capitalist, has only one purpose, that is, to make more capital.  And when more capital is made, there is only one mindset that keeps the Capitalist content.  And that is, to add the newly acquired capital to the total and to repeat the process over and...

Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Socialism For Corporations: Bush's Failout
October 15, Volume 16 Nr. 2, Issue 246
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Art (ink on paper) speaks.
Do As I Teach But Not As I Do.  Vermont Teachers Union Fails Democracy
September 12, Volume 16 Nr. 1, Issue 245
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
I'll be the first to admit that Peter Diamondstone can be trying and difficult.  Peter can be stubborn.  Perhaps this is why the two-party system political proponents dislike him.  They may disagree with Diamondstone.  But the dislike, disagreement, adverse reaction to personality, even Diamondstone's preference to not wearing suits, is no reason to exclude him from gubernatorial debates.  As a major party candidate, Peter Diamondstone is entitled to participate, and Vermonters, including young people, deserve to hear what he has to say.  The Vermont-NEA has denied Diamondstone the standing he has earned through his party's major status.  It has denied Vermont's young people access to non-establishment opinions which they most likely will not hear in the classroom.  Of course, this may...
Dumping The National Phone Directory.  Electing The President of the United States.
August 15, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 13, Issue 244
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In the 1995 movie version of Harrison Bergeron, written by Arthur Crimm and directed by Bruce Pitman, the president of the United States is randomly chosen out of the national phone directory and then called by telephone and notified of the "honor".  Crimm is telling us that it does not matter who the president of the United States is.  Crimm's reasoning reflects the common thread throughout the movie that everyone is equal so who becomes the president is irrelevant.  Also, the president is not in charge of anything.  As in "Harrison Bergeron", the movie what we see is not what we get.  What we see on TV and the media is the sideshow passed off as reality for we have all become the George and Hazel Bergerons of the 21st century...  
John McCain: The Candidate Of, For, And By The People.  He's Just Like You And Me.  Right?
July 1, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 12, Issue 243
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
It is now June 2008, and not since the Great Depression has Wall Street's performance been so dismal.  War with Iran is appearing more and more probable, perhaps inevitable, the closer we come to election day in November.  Making war to influence the outcome of a presidential election has been a long-time tradition in the USA.  The media inform us daily that there are only two candidates: John McCain and Barak Obama, both trying to convince the people that they are, like us, struggling day to day, feeling the pain of our collective economic woes.  Really?  Let's examine John McCain to see if that is the case and discover what a mensch he really is.  John McCain just another salt of the earth is he?
June 7, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 11, Issue 242
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
After a grueling year-and-a-half of campaigning, this stage of the oppressive election year frenzy is over.  Obama has won.  And so what?  Obama asked no hard questions. Obama provided no solutions. Obama gave the electorate a preacher’s delivery, a rock star’s persona, a basketball player’s hand claps. Obama gave the public what the media creationists programmed them to want: a feel better candidate delivered via Madison Avenue finesse for which they are conditioned to accept. The main stream corporate media orchestrated the so-called Obama movement offering it as an adjunct to the Republican option. The only game allowed, after all, is....
Spirituality: The Ego Clamoring For Attention
May 15, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 10, Issue 241
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
No matter how big a family we may have, no matter how many friends or colleagues, we will ultimately be alone.  Either our friends, etc., will die first or we will.  I would go one step further than Brandon: to live a loving and peaceful life causing minimal damage to others we must accept the fact of our ultimate non-existence.  This means that we must do what the ego is designed not to.  We must accept the reality that the ego will cease to be and along with it, so will we...
From The Great Dictator: Adenoid Hynkel Speaks. Charlie Chaplin Addresses Bush, Cheney, et al.
April 15, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 9, Issue 240
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
I came across the classic film, "The Great Dictator" starring Charlie Chaplin.  In this movie, Chaplin plays Adenoid Hynkel, the great and autocratic dictator of Tomania. Chaplin also plays a second character, a Jewish barber, who is an Adenoid Hynkel look-alike.  The barber mistaken for the dictator, eventually is maneuvered into making a speech to the great world masses after the successful invasion and conquest of the fictitious country, Osterlich...People concerned about fascism in the U.S.A. would do well to watch "The Great Dictator" while they still can...Chaplin knew fascism when he saw it back in 1937.  If he were alive today, he would know it again...
Putting It Where The Sun Does Shine.  Ending Solar Impotence.
March 15, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 8, Issue 239
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
What is wrong with this picture?  The self-appointed greatest nation in history cannot put its ever-increasingly unemployed people to work mass-producing solar panels.  It is as if we are impotent in putting our people to work in industries with obvious long-term benefit.  The country that made it a national goal to put its citizens on the moon remains remarkable in its inability to produce the energy products necessary for its own future well-being.  Why is that?  Why is it that foreign competitors have taken the lead in cellular network infrastructure building with massive access to digital and Internet services, hybrid and alternative fuel automobiles, etc.?  
From Garlic Powder To Heparin.  We Are At War With Ourselves.
February 15, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 7, Issue 238
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
A technician from interventional radiology told me that increasingly they are seeing injectible solutions that are "Made in China".  They expressed their discomfort with this trend, especially when it came to the important and common injectible anti-coagulant called Heparin.  And justifiably so.  Recently, the Heparin "manufacturer", Baxter, voluntarily recalled a batch of its product.  The drug Heparin that is labeled as being manufactured in the United States is made from an active ingredient that comes from a factory in China that has not been inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration...
Patriotism: The Other Opiate of the Masses
January 18, 2008 Volume 15 Nr. 6, Issue 237
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We are as infants in our recognition of the deleterious effects of patriotism.  We are ignorant from whence in the face of grave loss we choke up when the colors are presented or the national anthem is played  Patriotism never tries to interfere with our inability to understand it.  It exists as an ever present aspect of our being, a fact of life successfully inculcated from an early age from the habits of our parents and our schooling through the dominant and domineering paradigms of our culture.  Patriotism's demanding proliferators build upon our internal proclivity toward something bigger than the self.  In that regard patriotism is a parasitic infection that often destroys the host and many more times those branded as its enemies and collateral damage.  Patriotism is an infection that cares not one whit whether the host survive only that the parasite continues...
Under the Guise of Freedom: Fascism's Ultimate Destination
December 26, 2007 Volume 15 Nr. 5, Issue 236
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The ultimate destination of fascism is the total domination over and control of everything that happens to people while operating under the guise that people are free.  The terminus operandi is a breed of wetware automatons that question not, while being convinced that they have chosen not to question.  The goal is a society that behaves as planned while its members believe they have chosen their behavior...
Mukasey, Buchanan, Feinstein, and Schumer.  Waterboarding And The Passion Of Christ
November 7, 2007 Volume 15 Nr. 4, Issue 235
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Fatherland is what fascists turn to when they cover up their personal internal conflicts in favor of domination over everything.  To fascists, waterboarding becomes not to be torture.  The United States becomes a country that does not torture.  Extreme rendition becomes not kidnapping.  People's disappearances become not un constitutional.   Assassination becomes not being murder.  " Preventive war" becomes not aggression.  And collateral damage is no longer contrary to "thou shall not kill".  Death becomes not being contrary to the "pursuit of life".  To hell with "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights."  I ask you, Pat Buchanan, would your Jesus Christ sanction waterboarding?  
Homeopathic Thuggery
November 1, 2007 Volume 15 Nr. 3, Issue 234
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
In the interest of democratic discourse and the cause of rational health care, Metaphoria is joining with dozens of sites across the web in reproducing the article which the Society of Homeopaths... managed to have removed from a web server via ridiculous legal threats.... they just bullied the ISP. The SoH has continued to support its members even when they practice dangerous versions of homeopathy... encouraging folks to skip the malaria meds... when visiting/working in places where malaria is endemic. How long do we coddle quackery in the name of twisted versions of "healthcare freedom" and "multiculturalism"?
Anti-War Cadence: A Tribute to VFP Brother David Cline, RIP
October, 2007 Volume 15 Nr. 2, Issue 233
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

"They killed Dave forty years ago, the government of the United States killed Dave in Vietnam; but Dave had too much in him to die right away. Too much heart, too much soul, too much spirit, too much of a passion to fight for what is right and true and just; it took him 40 years to die."
Removing the Toxins - Cleansing the Nation
September, 2007 Volume 15 Nr. 1, Issue 232
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

The cleansing session that removes toxins from the body are four hours long and take place three days each week.  If only the chief executive of the USA could be hooked up to remove what poisons the nation.  If only the flow rate could be set to maximum and performed seven days per week.  If only the Cheney - Bush regime could be cleansed of lies, deception, corruption and incompetence.
Reel Mowing As Protest.  Twisting Panties And Squeezing Gonads
August, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 12, Issue 231
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

If one protester pushing a lawn mower in opposition to the illegal and immoral Iraq war can elicit the wrath of fascists in the White House, then there is hope still that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights can be defended and protected.  Evidently, one protester with a push mower can twist the panties of the powerful.  Tens of millions, however, would put the gonads of corruption in a vice grip called ...
They're Off! Trunks And Asses On Their Way
July, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 11, Issue 230
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We do not elect candidates to high office in the United States. We pay for and they buy their way in.  No Mr. Obama, what exists is the same old corrupting influence of large sums of money on the electoral process.  Democracy is not only ill-served, it is abrogated by campaign cash that determines candidate viability.  Little money means little electability and the U.S. ruling class determines and manufactures who the candidates will be.
Temporarily Unavailable
Relevant Ramblings With A Child By My Side
May, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 9, Issue 228
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
A poem about breast feeding and being male in the U.S.A.
Alternative Ethics
April 29, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 8, Issue 227
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski

Since the skeptical and scientific blogworld is in a deep discussion of strategic appeasement over whether science and religion can play nice together, I am going to look at some of the ethical muck of appeasement that has dirtied health care...The appeasers are those who trumpet “integrative medicine”.  Seeing themselves as moderates, a bridge between hostile camps of “allopathic” and “alternative”, the integrators are a muddy waffle that is dishonest at its core...
Cindy Sheehan in Vermont: Nothing Left For The Right Wing Except To Attack The Messenger.  How Pathetic!
March 6, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 7, Issue 226
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
What stands out most strikingly is that the pro-war side no longer has any credibility. No longer having any rational, nor legal, nor moral justification to continue supporting the war and G.W. Bush, the pro-war folk are left to their own nasty devices of attacking the anti-war messenger. Swift-boating, spreading lies, character assassination, are all they have left to comfort the cold cockles of their insidious hearts...The lies that led to Shock and Awe have now morphed into lies that attempt to mask their own complicity. These are the deceptions that continue to kill and maim hundreds of thousands of people. The attacks against Cindy Sheehan are in response to her powerful and truthful message and do not require any rebuttal whatsoever...
Democrats and Liberals: Lacking Conviction. The Door That Cannot Swing Both Ways. 
February 19, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 6, Issue 225
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
War is murder. We cannot be in support of murderers while opposing murder. I will not honor that which makes murder and war possible. Liberals and Democrats want to condemn war and then honor or commemorate those who make war. Those who kill are killers no matter what the cause or ideology, or what the flag, or what the religion, or what the reason. If, as Nancy Pelosi says, “There is one proposition on which we all agree: our troops have performed excellently in Iraq. They have done everything asked of them”, then she, and we, have honored the killing in our name and at our request. I will not honor that.
The Ultimate Human Activity: The Exchange of Capital.  The Ultimate Crime: Not Participating.
January 22, 2007 Volume 14 Nr. 5, Issue 224
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Neoliberalism, however, has it backwards. The ultimate crime is not rejecting the moment-to-moment urge to buy something. The ultimate crime is, instead, neo-liberalism placing profits before people. The higher human activity is not going shopping. It is, not shopping. Shopping is not a prerequisite for a good life. Free market capital circulation is not necessary for well being and living a good and content life. Quite the contrary...
The Relative Value of Human Life.  No Iraqi Civilians on Mount Hood.
December 22, 2006 Volume 14 Nr. 4, Issue 223
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The human will to survive is strong and ever-present. The money to pay for survival, however, is another matter. Callous neoliberal economics renders human capital inconsequential. To neoliberalism, the use value of a human being does not matter. Only their surplus value matters to the capitalist, thus making the value of rich human life greater than that of the poor...
Industrial Warfare.  Industrial matrimony.  Neo-liberalism's Big Products.
November 15, 2006 Volume 14 Nr. 3, Issue 222
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Just as we are indoctrinated into the mindset that the war will never be done away with, we think we cannot have a wedding outside the corporate model.  The cultural operative dictates a public ceremony, typically including a minister, a reception with an obligatory meal, a bubbly toast, booze, a band, a DJ, a wedding cake and some kind of favor for the guests.  A corporate recipe for yet another commodity.  Like other commodities, the typical mass produced wedding is riddled with... 
The Doctrine of Americanism and the United States Midterm Elections of November 7, 2006.
October 30, 2006 Volume 14 Nr. 2, Issue 221
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In this the last week before the 2006 mid-term elections (November 7, 2006) in the United States, it may behoove us as United States citizens to ponder upon the following historic words: "Many of the practical expressions of Americanism such as party organization, system of education, and discipline can only be understood when considered in relation to its general attitude toward life. A spiritual attitude. Americanism sees in the world... 
War as Human Defect.  Faith as Disease
September 19, 2006 Volume 14 Nr. 1, Issue 220
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Just before the cease fire in the Israel-Hezbollah war went into effect at 0500 hours GMT, 14 August, there was a final push for maximizing destruction and death.  Last licks, before time runs out.  The maximization of casualties is not the characteristic of a sophisticated and highly developed species.  Quite the contrary... 
All Natural
August 7, 2006 Volume 13 Nr. 51, Issue 219
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
Ah, the seduction of that meme: “natural”.  We are enchanted by a notion of the natural world that reads like a personals ad: “loves long moonlit walks on the beach.”  Just as one should be realistic about Mr. Box # 4723, so should one examine assumptions about nature.  Parasites and polio, tsunamis and tsetse flies, volcanoes and vipers are all natural.  When we get that wistful idea of Nature, we are thinking of... 
Banning Body Jewelry.   Stretching Ear Lobes While Shrinking Free Speech.
July 26, 2006 Volume 13 Nr. 50, Issue 218
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Having mouth jewelry in today's off-shoring job marketplace appears to be a positive asset.  Just wait, Ms. Pena.  Your job and your teachers positions are about to be eliminated.  You are going to be replaced by Indian educators and teachers with mouth and ear jewelry!  These other fad- endowed educators and teachers even have the audacity to speak the Queen's English.  They are anglophiles who, unlike "Texan", G.W. Bush, can pronounce the word "nuclear" properly and not mangle verb tenses... 
Exceptional Americans Manifest Their Destiny:  And to Hell with the Consequences
June 16, 2006 Volume 13 Nr. 49, Issue 217
Jason Miller
Contrary to the “catapulted propaganda”, Enron, Haditha, and Abu Ghraib were not isolated incidents or the work of a “few bad apples”. American savagery and oppressive behavior pervades our society and predates our nation’s birth. Building its patriarchal wealth on the backs of Black slaves and cheap labor while acquiring its territory through Native American genocide, predatory exploitation of non-Anglos, the poor, women, and the working class emerged as a pillar of America’s socioeconomic “success” before we even declared our independence. 
Capitalism Requires a Great Depression. Getting Ready for World War III. 
June 17, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 48, Issue 216
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The Boomers grew up in a period within the United States when the expectation was that every year the personal and family economic situation would improve along with the improved fiscal condition of the nation.  Every year better than the previous year.  The Boomers who worked hard all their lives are now beginning to retire and the fiscal house of the United States is not in order to provide for them in their senior years as was promised...
American Capitalism and The Moral Poverty of Nations.  Of Faustian Bargains and Disposable Human Being
May 30, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 46, Issue 214
Jason Miller
A few days ago, a long time friend and I had the good fortune to spend a few days with the wonderful people of the anarchist environmental community, Woodfolk, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It is to them I wish to rededicate the first two versions of my Peacemakers songs below, especially Peacemakers II, for it is within the Woodfolk community that I see the best chances for this planet realizing what I have written about in this song.  The planet needs more people like Woodfolk if it is to survive.  Thank you Woodfolk.  Thank you very very much... 
Memorial Day.  A Dedication to the People of Woodfolk in Charlottesville, Virginia
May 30, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 46, Issue 214
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
A few days ago, a long time friend and I had the good fortune to spend a few days with the wonderful people of the anarchist environmental community, Woodfolk, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It is to them I wish to rededicate the first two versions of my Peacemakers songs below, especially Peacemakers II, for it is within the Woodfolk community that I see the best chances for this planet realizing what I have written about in this song.  The planet needs more people like Woodfolk if it is to survive.  Thank you Woodfolk.  Thank you very very much... 
Slaves to the "Free Market" Unite.  Can Humanity Make a Stand Against the Ruthless Onslaught of Capitalist Imperialism?
May 25, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 45, Issue 213
Jason Miller
Despite the widening wealth gap, the Wal-Martization of the economy, Katrina, Iraq, stolen elections, an $8 trillion national debt, tax cuts for the wealthy, and increasingly rapacious acts by corporations, many Americans are still oblivious to our descent into fascism. Sucking on the pacifier of conspicuous consumption, they "shop till they drop", lining Corporate America's pockets and freeing the ruling elite to pursue world domination, as outlined in the Project for the New American Century and the Bush Doctrine...
The Arrogance of "Enlightenment".   "Spirituality" as Unconscious Prejudice
May 17, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 44, Issue 212
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Liberals can hardly consider themselves "enlightened" when they assume that people around them are going to gladly join in holding hands, praying, chanting, humming a mantra, or otherwise, teleporting themselves to a different plane or state of consciousness.  It is arrogance to assume that saying a prayer, even a non-denominational prayer, is acceptable to everyone gathered in a public venue?  Such arrogance is a violation of personal space, a subterfuge of friendship, and a mockery of camaraderie.  It is maneuvering " spirituality" onto others whether they want it or not...
White and Might Make Right: Morality is in the Eye of the Oppressor
May 16, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 43, Issue 211
Jason Miller
Encountering a shortage of labor and an over-abundance of economic opportunities in the "New World", the "intrepid" imperialists were undaunted. They simply started capturing indigenous people from various tribes in Africa, selling them into slavery, and shipping them to the Americas. Valuable new commodity emerges. Labor shortage problem solved. One can't help but admire their ingenuity; that is if one suffers from anti-social personality disorder...
Success Is Not An Option: To The Rogue Tyrants Belong the Spoils
May 3, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 42, Issue 210
Jason Miller
With the arsenal of weapons of mass destruction at its disposal and the economic influence it wields, the US government subjugates mankind through intimidation, extortion, and military domination. Despite myriad signs of its empire declining, America's ruling class easily qualifies as the "masters of mankind"....America began to decline seriously under Reagan, continued its precipitous drop under Bush I and Clinton, and has reached disturbing lows under Bush II. Whether Republican or Democrat, successive United States governments degenerated into an entity which is betraying a majority of its people and is a significant threat to the continued existence of the human species: a failed state...
Your Huddled Masses are now my Wretched Refuse: Locking the Golden Door
Apr 6, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 41, Issue 209
Jason Miller
Inculcated with the belief that they are morally superior and endowed with an inalienable right to world domination, the members of America's ruling White Patriarchy and their ardent supporters have an immigration problem. Too many "little Brown people" are streaming across their southern border. As America's de facto ruling class wrangles with numerous potential solutions, they are overlooking the obvious: ask the Native Americans what to do. After all, those who forged the American Empire nearly drove the indigenous people of North America to extinction. At the very least...
Democrats, liberals, and "progressives": There they go again
Apr 2, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 40, Issue 208
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
There you have it.  Liberal, "progressive" Democrats hate Ralph Nader as much as they hate George W. Bush.  Perhaps, some therapy is in order, as hate is a self-destructive emotion if left unchecked.  It also does not win elections.   I'm not, however, surprised at this outpouring of Democratic venom, as liberals and so-called progressives prefer to blame the loss of elections on everybody and everything, except that is, on the lackluster, uninspiring, boring, bumbling, stumbling, and problematic campaigns of their own candidates.  Democrats prefer...
Satan is Resting Easy: The Power of Christ "Propels" Them
Mar 9, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 39, Issue 207
Jason Miller
Quoting the eloquent and infamous words of the incredibly articulate Mr. Cheney, I say, "Fuck you!" to their malignant cabal. While this nefarious faction and its loyalists may consider me a traitor, I refuse to pledge allegiance to a pack of criminals who have hijacked the government of the people of the United States. If it is treason to dissent against corrupt thieves and murderers who have shredded our sacred Constitution, I stand guilty as charged...
Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors: Imperial Conquest, Torture, and a Little Matter of Genocide
Mar 1, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 38, Issue 206
Jason Miller
Acting with impunity and wielding the moral authority of pedophiles, Bush and his fellow Neocons have decimated what was left of America's good name while severely crippling our nation’s capacity for advancing and protecting human rights. Setting a sanguineous course in their reckless pursuit of wealth and power, they have afflicted humankind with their perverse agenda. With alarming consistency, these sociopaths have demonstrated their utter disregard for humanity and the well-being of our planet.
Rover Goes to School: Sniffing  Our Kids' Civil Liberties Away
Feb 27, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 37, Issue 205
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, and, JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
In the surveillance culture that the United States has become, notions of patriotism have become dangerously skewed.  Somehow we have come to accept the creepy meme that when we give up our rights — like privacy — we are being patriotic.  That voluntary waiving of our civil liberties is a great proof of our patriotism.  This misguided patriotism is acceptance of despotism.  It is fascism...
Check Your Conscience at the Door: We're Building an Empire
Feb 21, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 36, Issue 204
Jason Miller
Blaring its typical jarringly cacophonous morning radio jabber, the suddenly welcome sound of my alarm rescued me from the maelstrom of a nightmarish Neocon world spawned within my unconscious mind. As consciousness flooded my being, I had an epiphany. My breed of human being is a pariah in the American Empire. In the minds of the Regime's loyal foot soldiers (the Neo-Tories of the Twenty First Century) American society is waging a domestic war between those they define as liberals and those they qualify as conservatives...
The New Dark Age - the 21st Century
Feb 13, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 35, Issue 203
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Using the phrase "creating human-animal hybrids" pushes the required buttons.  It produces an intended frenzy among the religious Right.  It deliberately sensationalizes and trivializes the complex issues at hand.  Complexity and explanation of it, however, are not what the ignorant seek.  Those manipulating the ignorant prefer to provide neither.  The ignorant are comfortable with simple solutions offered them.  They are content to living their lives with minimal personal involvement in the quest for knowledge.  They are happy to accept what they are told - and to blame those who do not accept it - for the world's ills...
Shed Your Addiction: Beyond Mere Survival in the American Dystopia
Feb 4, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 35, Issue 202
Jason Miller
1984 has come to pass, both chronologically and in the Orwellian sense. Americans are "liberators" inIraq. Opponents of this "peace initiative" are "doubleplusungood". Unchecked by the judiciary, the NSA electronically trolls for perpetrators of "crimethink". Pundits and the "liberal media" (owned by a handful of monolithic corporations despised by people with the values which many define as liberal) have become the Ministry of Truth for the Party...
What an idiot!  Bush Jumpstarts the Alternative Energy Movement With His Own Hot Air Demonstration
Feb 4, 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 34, Issue 201
Jason Miller
Thank you all. Mr. Speaker, Uncle Dick, my Congressional collaborators, my five guaranteed votes on the Supreme Court, distinguished plutocrats, and the rest of you wretched plebs we begrudgingly tolerate (because you grease the wheels of our money-making machine): Today our nation lost a beloved, graceful, courageous woman who called America to its founding ideals and carried on a noble dream. Tonight we are comforted by the fact that my regime is working vigorously to cause that noble dream to unravel at the seams.
What an idiot!  Bush Jumpstarts the Alternative Energy Movement With His Own Hot Air Demonstration
Feb 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 32, Issue 200
Daniel Patrick Welch
Brave souls were treated to the usual lies, exaggerations, distortions and demagoguery, as ol' Ronnie would say. But a few brazen nuggets stand out: it was refreshing, in a perverse sort of way, to hear the biggest recipient of political oil money on the face of the earth rail against special interests. We're addicted to oil! Says the oilmonger. We must guard against the tendency to centralize power in Washington, says the Unitary Executive...When he started in on affordable health care, I had to leave the room to throw up; there is a limit to the pain I can take even for the sake of a column. 
Giving George W. Bush a Third Term
Jan 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 31, Issue 199
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
I do not expect my encounter with my neighbors in the country store, nor this article to make any difference to them as they believe that being a "good American" in the 21st century United States is very much like the German people being good Germans in the 1930s.  Apparently, no amount of evidence or reasoning can change their minds that their maximum leader is above board, that he is intelligent and that he knows what he is doing.  When asked for explanations for his deceit, George W. Bush, in a moment of divine and intelligent inspiration says, "I ain't gotta tell you nuthin.'" 
Why I Now Genuflect to Charles Krauthammer
Jan 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 30, Issue 198
Jason Miller
Tears streamed down my face as I realized how many filthy distortions I had written about our great nation. How could I ever redeem myself? True American heroes like Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Malkin courageously risk their lives each day as they deliver the truth about our noble, courageous, and benevolent Homeland. The poor, uneducated masses thirst deeply for enlightenment as they wander in the desert of ignorance in search of the oasis of knowledge tended by these pillars of American society. Savage and his fellow purveyors of truth risk...
Three symbolic harbingers of financial collapse
2006, Volume 13 Nr. 29, Issue 197
Jerry Kroth
The symbolic anomalies mount up. Less than a month before we go off to on a pre-emptive war to stop Iraq from developing nuclear weapons, we note that inside the belly of Columbia is an Israeli who engaged in the same pre-emptive attack twenty years earlier. On an ominous Chinese holiday a simulacrum of America falls out of the sky sounding an alarm and carrying messages in her hold that concern preemptive war, Iraq, nuclear weapons, even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. . . an eerie symbolic cargo indeed!
Responses to a War Memorial
Jan 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 28, Issue 196
Thomas J. Scheff
There is little or no response from the great majority driving and walking on the pier every Sunday. Most of them seem to avoid looking, or give only a sidelong glance. Others briefly read some of  the signs, then continue on their way. Here they are, walking past what surely must be a big surprise, a vast cemetery on the beach directly beneath their gaze. Very few would have known that it was there. How could they not stop? This question is further discussed...
On Father's Day, Send Your Cards to Tom Instead of George
Jan 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 27, Issue 195
Jason Miller
Harvey Kaye's Thomas Paine and the Promise of America rekindled my fading belief in the United States as a potential home to true freedom and justice. Thomas Paine's spirit burns as an intense beacon lighting the way toward his envisioned "asylum for mankind". Paine, in contrast to Washington, is the intellectual father of an America which does not yet exist, but is still very...
Rejection in the Free Marketplace of Ideas. Nuestras Américas hablan.
Jan 2006, Volume 13 Nr. 26, Issue 194
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
As the United States becomes all that it hated within the former Soviet Union, and worse, it will more and more become rejected in the market place of ideas.  In turn, the United States will further stifle the free market place of ideas for in it freedom shows itself to be the option of rejecting neo-liberalism itself.  For neo-liberalism, democracy means never having to say it lost an election, a war, nor power.  And so, the people of America, that is those of Marti's, Our America, are banding together and showing that another world is possible...
"Closed Captioned for Those Whose Hearing (and Thinking) Has Been Impaired by the Drumbeats for War"
Dec 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 25, Issue 193
Jason Miller
President Discusses Iraq in Address to the Nation The Oval Office.  [Commentary and translation]  Three days ago, in large numbers, Iraqis went to the polls to choose their own leaders... Three days ago, in large numbers, Iraqis went to the polls to choose their own leaders from a carefully vetted group of candidates... This election will not mean the end of violence. But it is the beginning of something new: constitutional democracy... This election will not mean the end of violence. The US military industrial complex needs perpetual war to grease its wheels, increase shareholder value and line the pockets of executives...
Wearing the Hash Marks of Peace Activism
Dec 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 24, Issue 192
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Peace activists should be well aware that change comes over the long term.  Let us be honest.  The peace work that we do, hopefully, will lead to a less violent world in our children's and grandchildren's lifetime.  Chastising other activists for their lack of involvement suggests an impertinent impatience with the long-term process, perhaps, an overindulgence in our own self-importance.  The goal of peace may be grandiose, but our day-to-day actions should not be.  Let us not delude ourselves into thinking they are...
Privatize Me...Corporatize Me...Blackwaterize Me...
Dec 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 23, Issue 191
Jason Miller
Torture, state-sponsored terrorism, illegal wars, flagrant disregard for international law, tax decreases for the wealthy, funding cuts for social safety net programs, government endorsed racism, and diasporas in the aftermath of natural disasters are but a few examples of the handiwork of the wealthy elite as they create a gross perversion of Paine's vision of the US. Not to worry though.
The Iron Fist of Jesus
Dec 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 22, Issue 190
Jason Miller
How much damage will men like George Bush, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Sam Brownback, Ralph Reed, and Rick Santorum inflict before reason prevails and they are unmasked as the twisted, malevolent charlatans that they are? Fundamentalist Christians, adherents to a nauseating perversion of Christianity (conjured from their twisted imaginations and their distorted interpretations of the Bible) wield a significant amount of power in the...
Jesus Takes a Pass On Celebrating His Birthday.  Judas Makes a Case for Black Friday
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 20, Issue 189
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
While Jesus' message conveys contentment with living a simple life, neo-liberalism markets a constant dissatisfaction with life.  Our looks, our clothes, our music, toys, status, health, position, cars, food, possessions, family, friends, etc., are never good enough.  We never have enough of them either.  We are as church goers constantly sermonized to and falling for the rhetoric of spending.  We pray and shop our way back to personal satisfaction but it never quite gets us there.  Preachers know that their congregations are best controlled through the manipulated discontent... 
Ongoing Quest for the Many Manifestations of Bigfoot.  Review and Commentary on Mike Palecek's Latest Novel
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 19, Issue 188
Jason Miller
Mike Palecek knows a bit about dissent, and to his credit, is an "enemy of the (corrupt and tyrannical) state". He has been crusading to find and expose the truth for years as a journalist, editor and writer. At one point, the rulers of the "land of the free" held him as a prisoner of conscience at seven different federal prisons for his non-violent civil disobedience he carried out against their sacrosanct military industrial complex...
America's Corporatocracy says "no Mas"
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 18, Issue 187

Jason Miller
As they have with Chavez, the United States government and its lapdogs in the mainstream media have vilified Morales. Morales and Chavez are both portrayed as "threats" to the United States and have been characterized as "enemies". It is mind-boggling that the leaders of the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the history of humanity can view these men or their tiny nations (neither of which have the military might to overpower the state of Rhode Island) as legitimate threats...
Ubiquitous Culture of Death and Violence
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 18, Issue 186

Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Our pResident, George W. Bush, tells us that he speaks to Jesus. I wonder if the dialogue ever includes Mathew 26:15 when it purports to quoting Jesus as having said, "Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword"?  I doubt it since the United States is so permeated with the culture of violence and death that its major religion has forgotten that its central figure, Jesus Christ, the "prince of peace" was killed by crucifixion...
Our Mothers (and Thomas Paine) Warned Us about People like the Disciples of Strauss
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 17, Issue 185

Jason Miller
In support of the brave and intelligent citizens of Vermont who recently passed a resolution to secede from the union, I decided to update and modify our Declaration of Independence to fit the circumstances we are facing in 2005. Despite the numerous distinctions between then and now, in some significant ways, little has changed. Like our Founding Fathers, I enumerated grievances of the Oppressed in my version of the Declaration, and many...
El País de las Pesadillas: Sweet Dreams for America's Ruling Elite and their Sycophantic Loyalists
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 16, Issue 184
Jason Miller
Yet regardless of the root causes, the Ugly American is alive and well. I have learned that the United States is not a particularly friendly environment for proponents of social justice, peace, intellectual freedom, and human rights. The consensus amongst decent human beings (those in the United States and in other nations) is that universal human rights and peaceful co-existence are moral imperatives, but in Pax Americana, many worship the virtual antithesis...
Bush Regime Going Down in Plames
Nov 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 15, Issue 183
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
These haters of the Constitution and destroyers of anyone that gets in their way deserve that special place in Hell where they can continue their Texas barbecues fired by the flames of the people's disgust of them... Having Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, etc., i.e., the entire "cabal" behind bars in one of their prestigious palaces of neo-liberalism's incarceration would go a long way toward letting the world know that the situation in the United States is not completely hopeless...
Where is the Grand Inquisitor When You Need Him?
Oct 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 14, Issue 182
Jason Miller
Besides severely minimizing or eliminating social programs, the ruling elites have a more sinister agenda, which Dr. Chomsky unveils. Continued implementation of this agenda will enable the Social Darwinists to strip away social support systems while simultaneously enjoying the consent of many Americans. They are targeting both the programs and the impetus for their existence. Malevolent yet brilliant...
Surrender Is Not An Option
Oct 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 13, Issue 181
Jason Miller
The Bush regime knows that America's days as the world's superpower are numbered. The eclectic conglomeration (i.e. the obscenely rich, mammoth corporations, lobbyist groups, Israeli interests, the Religious Right), which holds the true power in our nation behind the facade of a federal republic, is painfully aware of its impending demise under the existing paradigm. Desperation has led them to commit criminal acts of the most heinous variety. Defying international law and shredding the US Constitution, our rogue government...
Try And Catch The Wind
Oct 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 12, Issue 180
Daniel Patrick Welch
I realize that things are not quite yet as bad as they were in the McCarthy years, no matter how the civil libertarians might shriek. But they also have the unprecedented capacity to get much worse in an instant. The police state stands at hair-trigger readiness, waiting for the flick of the first domino by Bush or some future zealous front man. We are seeing the perfect storm that libertarians and anarchists alike have warned us about for generations: the unholy merger of the ueberstate and corporate hegemony.
We Can't Let It Happen Here.
Oct 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 11, Issue 179
Jason Miller
America 's apologists can deny the reality to their dying breath, but the truth is that the United States of America as a democracy, a republic, or a free society is a fraud...even our founders fell far short of the standards they set for themselves. Many owned slaves...Some, like Alexander Hamilton, desired an overt aristocracy because they did not trust the "people" to govern themselves. Virtually all of our founders were wealthy, white land-owners.
What Noble Cause?  Vietnam Combat Veteran Not Welcome at Vietnam War Memorial
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 10, Issue 178
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
No sooner had the tears flowed then he was ordered to put the flag down.  Not being easily intimidated this former G.I. questioned the D.C. authority on the rationale for having to remove his flag.  He was then told he had to leave or be arrested.  This Vietnam combat veteran who was sent to kill others in Vietnam under the pretense of protecting the American way of life was now being threatened with incarceration for practicing it!...
Peaceful Assualt on the Epicenter of Evil
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 9, Issue 177
Jason Miller
"The White House and the Pentagon look so innocuous, yet behind their innocent facades lurk sinister forces which have unleashed much misery and suffering upon the world," I thought as I scrutinized each of them armed with an insight gleaned from many hours of study...
Dr. Bush and Mr. Hyde: The Fundamentalist Shadow of George W. Bush
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 8, Issue 176
John D. Goldhammer
The invasion of American Democratic institutions by fundamentalist, historically militant (as in crusades,[1] witch hunts, inquisitions, and support of slavery) Christianity has significantly increased the stench coming from the already disturbing dark side of U.S. politics. It’s like a nightmarish replay of the Christian crusades—politics with a militant, convert-the-heathens dark side. Potent, cult-like group dynamics combine with unacknowledged and unseen shadow qualities to easily overwhelm the individual’s sense of right and wrong, often unleashing pure evil en masse...
Total Information Awareness.  A World Not Worth Living In?
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 7, Issue 175
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Even in the small town of Wells, VT, where some residents have not left for many years, people were discussing biometrics, RFID tagging, instant DNA identification, and other means of creating the Brave New World.  Security, it seems, for some, has a higher value than freedom and privacy.  If one has nothing to hide, the argument went, then why not allow everyone to know everything about everybody...
Bush Regime Rules of Acquisition and for Maintaining Power
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 6, Issue 174
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
I have rewritten the most complete set of Ferengi Rules of Acquisition in testimony of the current regime that is in power in the United States today.  While the original rules promoted Ferengi honesty and dignity, the Bush Regime Rules of Acquisition and for Maintaining Power, have evolved through intelligent design to be descriptive of the current administration occupying the White House..
Liar, Liar
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 5, Issue 173
Jason Miller
If George Bush had encountered the same fate as Jim Carrey's character in the movie Liar Liar, and had been rendered incapable of lying, America would not have been subjected to thirty minutes of manipulative propaganda on 9/15. Compelled to tell the truth, Bush's oration would have captured the reality of the situation in New Orleans, and of life for the poor and working class in an America dominated by a wealthy aristocracy...
New Orleans Unmasks "Apartheid", American Style
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 4, Issue 172
Jason Miller
The New Orleans debacle exposed America's "heart of darkness" to the world as its leaders allowed their own tens of thousands of Americans to suffer or die. Many throughout the world were aware of the damage the US government was capable of inflicting upon people of other nations, but Hurricane Katrina showed what America's decision-makers were willing to do to their own. The twin evils of raw capitalism and imperialism were on full display as the human race watched the events unfold on the Gulf Coast. As Mother Nature unleashed her ferocity...
No More Bush Bullhorn Bullshit See You in Washington D.C. on September 24, 2005
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 3, Issue 171
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
With the current horrific tragedy of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina taking place on his watch, and in large part as a result of his regime's incompetence and greed, the G.W. bullhorn is finally being uncovered more and more for the bullshit that it is.  George W. Bush is sounding like bullshit even to the White House's imposter's established base...
Delusions Under Seige
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 2, Issue 170
Jason Miller
What is it that enables George Bush to sleep at night when his avarice and iniquity as a ruler exceed that of Marie Antoinette?  Could it be that he slept through his history lectures about the French Revolution while he was at Yale?  Perhaps his capacity to sleep soundly stems from having the most powerful military in the history of humanity at his disposal. Being a member of a dynasty dating back to the 1930's would also tend to endow one...
What if America Lost Its Soul?
Sep 2005, Volume 13 Nr. 1, Issue 169
Jason Miller
America pauses and sobs fitfully for several minutes. His peers watch and wait with patience and respect, knowing that regardless of America's crimes in the past, a spiritually enlightened America has the capacity to make the world a much better place.  They also recognize that they are not without sin either, and are still on the life-long road to redemption themselves...
Feudalism Then and Now
Aug 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 33, Issue 168
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Unleashing the beast that exploits and devours the resources of others has been the hallmark of capitalism for a long time.  In the recent past, the French, Spanish, German, Japanese, British,  and Soviet empires unleashed their beast.  The empire today is the United States and its beast is unleashed.  The contradictions of capitalism, however, make the sun that never sets on an empire unsustainable, regardless of which empire it shines on.  All empires come and go...
Redemption Within Reach for the American Empire
Aug 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 32, Issue 167
Jason Miller
Ultimately George Bush bears the responsibility for the death of Casey Sheehan, yet he refuses to take a few minutes of his precious "R&R" to impart his wisdom to Cindy about the noble reasons for which he is putting our troops in harm's way. He owes her and the rest of America an answer, but this Evangelical crusader cannot summon the mettle to meet with her on his own doorstep...
George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us
Aug 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 31, Issue 166
Jason Miller
Why do they hate us?... It is a strong affirmation of the power of propaganda that some Americans still pose this as a serious question, and are legitimately dumb-founded that such antipathy exists toward the United States. Our government, media and schools start burnishing the false notion of American moral superiority...
The Counter-Enlightenment
Aug 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 30, Issue 165
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
During the last 20 years of the 20th century and the opening decade of the 21st, especially in the United States, however, fetish regressionism has taken hold.  There exists now exists a fetish commodification of simplistic religious belief being sold by the anti-Enlightenment establishment...
Forgotten Victim's of America's Plutocracyl
Aug 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 29, Issue 164
Jason Miller
Like wolves among sheep, America's Plutocracy preys on the weaker and less fortunate members of society. Since America's founding, they have leveraged their economic power to dominate the government and the media, the vehicles through which they advance their avaricious agenda...
Let's Be Blunt: Bush's Proxy is Spreading Social Darwinism to the State Level
Jul 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 28, Issue 163
Jason Miller
For the affluent to afford multiple multi-million dollar homes, cars that cost more than many homes, yachts, trophy wives, and jet-setting lifestyles, the poor must remain extremely poor...
The Impending Insignificance of Capital
Jul 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 27, Issue 162
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Neo-liberalism is in trouble and the for-profit food chain is showing signs that it is impoverished.  "Something big...", is indeed "...going on out there."  The implications go far beyond dead seabirds washing up on California beaches...
Economic Injustice: America's New Leading Export
Jul 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 26, Issue 161
Jason Miller
Starting with Iraq, President Bush has dedicated himself to exporting economic injustice, which Americans possess in such abundance that it has become our top export. Here in America, we are living one of the biggest lies perpetrated in human history, and if our ruling plutocracy... 
War and the Prejudice of Our Side.  The Universal Soldier Must Say, "No!"
Jul 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 25, Issue 160
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
As long as soldiers or combatants, or whatever you want to call them, refuse to accept that they are the ones responsible for the killing, the killing will continue...Refusal is an option...
Jul 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 24, Issue 159
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The strands of friendship link the peoples of the United States and Iraq.   This friendship took on new qualities after the liberation of Iraq in 2003, which played an enormous role in the destinies of the peoples of southwest Asia, including the Iraq peoples. Iraq's liberation from the yoke of Saddam Hussein by the United States forces, alongside which the...
Harvest of Pain and Sorrow
Jul 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 23, Issue 158
Jason Miller
A malevolent force has taken root in the United States. This force is rendering damage terrorists can only fathom in a dream, and is actually responsible for creating the terrorists. Psychological manipulation and economic enslavement of Americans have enabled our government to covertly inch the United States closer to tyranny with each passing day...
More Bushit.  The Iraq War Address of June 28, 2005 
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 22, Issue 157
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
George, I can tell how much you hate freedom, reject tolerance, and despise dissent.  I can tell by the actions of the neo-con elements who worship you as the symbol of the State, that dissent to you and your regime is treason...
Murder in the Abstract is Still Iniquitous
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 21, Issue 156
Jason Miller
Fear and ignorance are slowly choking the life out of reason and intellectualism in the United States. For years, the ruling Plutocracy has perpetuated social forces which obliterate the critical thinking capacities of the citizenry of the...  
War is Failure. What a Piece of Work is Man
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 20, Issue 155
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Access to launching the world's most power nuclear weapons arsenal rests with a man who often talks to  Jesus... yet here in the United States, many eagerly support a president because he converses often with the adult version of Santa Claus... 
Neocon Nightmare: Oil, Socialism, and Chutzpah in Venezuela
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 19, Issue 154
Jason Miller
While there is little doubt that Chavez is complex, acts with a degree of self interest, and has a multi-faceted agenda, he has remained steadfast in his promise to provide for the poverty-stricken in Venezuela. His open defiance of US imperialism and...
Military Recruitment. Excess On the Road to the Abattoir
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 18, Issue 153
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Military recruiters dog young people where they are known to gather.  They target youth at the nation's community centers for the advancement of citizenship, i.e., the Mall.  Better citizenship through consumerism goes hand-in-hand with better patriotism through militarism...
Tyrant Be Thy Name, Senator
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 17, Issue 152
Jason Miller
Apparently Brownback has an affinity for surreptitious religious organizations. He maintains a residence in Washington DC in a house owned by C Street Center, a sister organization to a loose coalition of Christian government and business leaders known...
Sickness, Projection and Psychosis. Our Leader and His Apologists
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 16, Issue 151
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
For how many decades, if not centuries, will the tens of millions of people throughout the world react with revulsion and hatred at the... superpower that cannot keep its phallic weaponry zipped up...
Waging Peace for Humanity
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 15, Issue 150
Jason Miller
Now that Amnesty has trained their cross-hairs on them, they are lashing out like cornered animals. America's leaders deride or attempt to discredit virtually every organization or individual that has the audacity to challenge them. Smells like tyranny to me...

The Right to Live Well
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 14, Issue 149
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
I do not think that the Terri Schiavo case was about "right-to-die" or "right-to-life".  It was easy, and lazy, to report it that way. As able-bodied busybodies fought in the....

We Don't Need no Stinkin' Compassion
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 13, Issue 148
Jason Miller
Why did I open that box? Oh to be blissfully unaware! Alas, in my studies for my activist writing and advocating for social justice, I have opened Pandora's Box.  In some...

How the Mighty Are Falling
Jun 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 12, Issue 147
Jason Miller
Mom, apple pie and malevolent leaders.  Somebody tell Karl Rove to drop the applause sign. The minions he manipulates are cheering for an America that does not exist. That abstract concept of America ...

Musings of an Intellectually Shell-Shocked Kansan Catalyst for my Contemplation
May 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 11, Issue 146
Jason Miller
Life in Kansas can be as surreal as the landscape of a Salvador Dali painting. Critical thinking is a scarce commodity. "Scopes II" provided me with ample... 

Barnum on Steroids
May 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 10, Issue 145
Jason Miller 
Yes, Phineas Taylor Barnum would be green with envy. The master of the hoodwink would be in awe of the Religious Right were he alive today. Snake-charming, beguiling...

The Fascist Ego and the Future
May 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 9, Issue 144
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
The French author, Andre Gide, wrote in his book "The Immoralist", "One must allow others to be right. It consoles them for not being anything else."  The most powerful  man in the world...

Is The Democratic Party Breeding Busheviks?
Apr 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 8, Issue 143
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
In July, 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was founded.  Throughout the years, the IWW, the Wobblies have continued the struggle for working class...

The Insignificance of Mostly Everything or so They Would Have Us Believe
Mar 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 7, Issue 142
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD

The players in the current United states  administration are devoid of the humanity that defines the species as being sensitive to other members of its kind.  For all the...

Million Dollar Babies
Feb 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 6, Issue 141
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
The "better dead than disabled" attitude is riding high in the movie world this year, with "The Sea Inside" and "Million Dollar Baby" winning nominations and... 

Noise, Lies and the People's Redux
Jan 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 5, Issue 140
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Life in the United States is bursting and pulsating with a mind-numbing myriad of media.  We are bombarded with a constant overt noise that is as unavoidable as...

Dear George: Read The Sermon on the Mount
Dec 2004, Volume 12 Nr. 4, Issue 139
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
As we enter the season of the year when a large portion of humanity, even for lack of archaeological precedent, sets aside time in December to celebrate...

Casting a Ballot.  Rejecting the Fraud
Nov 2004, Volume 12 Nr. 3, Issue 138
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
I cast my ballot in the 2004 presidential election early in October, almost one month before election day.  Vermont allows registered voters to cast absentee ballots without reason for...

Unmaking the Connections: A critique of the U.S. Military's "Spirit of America"
Oct 2004, Volume 12 Nr. 2, Issue 137
Natalie Hawley
I expected that The Spirit of America, publicized as a military history show and performed by a special unit of the United States Army last weekend in Albany, would be a dazzling show of military might...

The 2004 Republican National Convention The Lunatics Are Coming
Sep 2004, Volume 12 Nr. 1, Issue 136
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Be Afraid. The anarchists are coming!  The communists are coming!  The socialists are coming!  The pinkos are coming!  The Chinese are coming!  The Japanese... 

Discovering Emmanuel Goldstein - Spychips and the End of Privacy
Aug 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 14, Issue 135
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Perhaps no-one noticed.  Worse, perhaps few in this age of assumed state intrusion and control any longer cares.  Two news reports surfaced during... 

Advertising, Paranoia and Frugality
Jul 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 13, Issue 134
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
A few years ago I returned to the downtown Jersey City neighborhood where I lived as a child and young adult.  Jersey City is the home of the Statue of Liberty.  The city is located directly across...

Bullying, a National Institution: Preparing for Abu Ghraib and Beyond
Jun 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 12, Issue 133
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
I'm the father of two children, now adults, who experienced both public and private schools.  Both were bullied and picked on, abused by classmates, other students... 

War Anonymous.  Recognizing and Going Beyond Addiction
May 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 11, Issue 132
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Billions of people worldwide are affected by humanity's violence and their country's war making policies.  The following questions are designed to help you come to the conclusion that your country has a problem with an addiction to war. 

If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us. George?  No.  Dean!   Democrats Need a New Mantra
May 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 10, Issue 131
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
An Associated Press story on April 21, 2004 quoted former presidential candidate, Howard Dean as saying that, "a vote for Ralph Nader is the same as a vote for George Bush."  Governor Dean is...

Boots on the Statehouse Steps
Apr 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 9, Issue 130
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
In November 2004 our son Flang turned 18 years of age.  It was not surprising that within a few days after his birthday he received a phone call from the United States Marine Corps recruiter.  In Vermont...

Tourists in Altmedland
Mar 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 8, Issue 129
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Consumers and purveyors of alt-med (so-called alternative medicine, feel free to use the acronym SCAM) are a culture, not a field of healthcare.  The jumble of ideas and “therapies” are so diverse, the...

Optare Absurdus
Feb 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 7, Issue 128
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
On December 12, 2003, the day after it aired the Democratic Party presidential candidates' debate, the ABC television network decided to withdraw three off-air producers who were...

To Mars via Lunacy
Jan 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 6, Issue 127
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
I, like many other young people during the 1960s, was obsessed with the prospect of human space travel.  I would take every opportunity during the many dull...

The War on Iraq vis-à-vis The Ten Commandments
Jan 2004, Volume 11 Nr. 5, Issue 126
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
The last page of the December, 2003 issue of the Catholic Worker newspaper published an excerpt from the writings of the Trappist monk, Thomas Merton.  First published in October, 1963, in "The Root of War", Merton writes

SAT Testing as Criteria for Employment: Eugenics in the 21st Century
Dec 2003, Volume 11 Nr. 4, Issue 125
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
An article published in the Wall Street Journal by Kemba J. Dunham on Nov 3, 2003, entitled, "More employers ask job seekers for SAT scores" reports that as a prospective job seeker "looking for an entry-level job in...
Schools as Highly Successful Institutions. The War Inculcation Assembly Line
Nov 2003, Volume 11 Nr. 3, Issue 124
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
When I was a kid, an understandably unenlightened youngster, I was given the school essay writing assignment on the topic of, "What Freedom Means to Me".  The multi-propagandist institution of my secondary education was a private...
The 56th United Nations DPI/NGO Conference: Human Security and Dignity: Fulfilling the Promise of the United Nations A Veteran For Peace Participates and Reflects
Oct 2003, Volume 11 Nr. 2, Issue 123
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
The Non Governmental Organization (NGO) section of the United Nations Department of Information (DPI) held its 56th annual conference in New York City on September 8 - 10, 2003.  I attended the conference with a seven-member delegation representing Veterans For Peace (VFP).  The VFP delegation was...
Veterans For Peace - The National Convention   Energy, Commitment and Dedication
Sep 2003, Volume 11 Nr. 1, Issue 122
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
During the weekend of August 8 - 11, JeanneE and I, attended the 18th annual Veterans For Peace National Convention.  The convention, titled, "Defeating Militarism and the Politics of Fear" was held in the War Memorial Veterans Building, San Francisco.  This was the 4th convention I have had...
One Flag is Not Enough
Aug 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 13, Issue 121
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Back in the mid 1980s when I first moved to Vermont, there was a brouhaha broiling over the further development of a famous local ski resort.  A major issue of contention at the time between proponents and opponents was the environmental impact of the proposed condominium complex.  A bumper sticker adroitly...
Freedom as Virtual Reality in the Brave New World
Jul 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 12, Issue 120
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
I am the first to admit that I have an attraction to technology, especially the ability of digital technology to connect people together and to communicate, however...
Protecting the Constitution Through Frequent Flipping of the Byrd
Jun 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 11, Issue 119
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
The long-time editor and publisher of a Vermont progressive political newsletter is calling it quits.  The Watchman, published by Michael Badamo, issue number 87, entitled "The Big Chill, Harbinger of Worse to Come", is the newsletter's last issue.  Badamo ran for governor as a Progressive Party candidate in...
Vietnam Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome and Supporting the Troops
Jun 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 10, Issue 118
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
During the recent military action in Iraq, I watched and listened and asked questions of folks around me.  I observed in many people an overwhelming helplessness, an awareness that they are uninformed or misinformed, a desperate defense of the idea that there is still an ideal named “America”, a real love...
Homogenizing the Global Cultural Paradigm
May 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 9, Issue 117
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Sgt. Michael Sprague of While Sulphur Springs, WV, a member of the invading U.S. forces in Iraq, was quoted by the British reporter, James Meek, as saying, "I've been all the way through this desert from Basra to here and I ain't seen one shopping mall or fast food restaurant. These people got...
Three Veterans: And they say it couldn't happen here
Apr 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 8, Issue 116
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
My father, Jan, is a World War II North Africa combat veteran.  He served under General Wiatr, from 1945 - 1946, Third Corp, Egypt as part of the Polish Forces with British oversight.  My mother, Stanislawa, served in the Polish Nurse Corps in the same theater of operations.  Both of them fought fascism.  Both of them cherished freedom.  Both of them saw enough of oppression...
I am a Veteran!  How dare you!
Mar 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 7, Issue 115
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
I have in my possession an honorable discharge from the armed forces of the United States.  This document, form DD214, makes me a veteran.  It is, in its most respected  implications, the proof that I have served my country.  I have given a few years of my life, as the enlistment oath states...
Cadence and Unity, Veterans For Peace and the People
Feb 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 6, Issue 114
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
On January 18, 2003, there was an enormous sea of humanity cruising through the veins of power in Washington D.C.  In great numbers, too awesome to accurately count, hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps, half-a-million, the life-blood of an emerging and robust U.S. peace movement, came to the citadel of corporate capital power to express their displeasure...
Christ, Crucifixion, Chaos - War!
Jan 2003, Volume 10 Nr. 5, Issue 113
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
We are being told that we are about to go to war with Iraq.  The reality is that we have been at war with Iraq since 1991.  The impending huge escalation of hostilities with Iraq is going to create chaos on a world-wide scale from which  I believe the reputation and pre-eminence of United States will not recover...
Capitalism and Anger in the 21st Century
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 4, Issue 112
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
George Orwell in his classic novel, "1984" wrote, "war is not to be won, it is to be continued".   Isaac Asimov wrote, "Violence is the first refuge of the incompetent".  Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, "A country cannot simultaneously prepare and prevent war." Every Saturday...
Logan's Run.  A Fable for Our Times
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 3, Issue 111
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
In the late 1970’s, a science fiction movie, more heroic legend than technotale, hit the big screen with a flourish. It had its own style, like nothing before it, so innovative that it won a special Oscar for visual effects. Sure the acting, writing, directing and editing were uneven. But it was widely lauded as the herald of a new age in...
Look What They've Done to My Food Ma
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 2, Issue 110
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
My father, Jan, who passed away in 1985, was a picky eater.  Coming from Rumania in Eastern Europe, there must have been events that affected his relationship with food.  Some of them were cultural.  Corn was for pigs.  Beans, especially baked beans, kidney beans, and other such similarly shaped legumes were, let us put it mildly, incorrectly...
Neo, Nader, Next Door Neighbor: Citizenship
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 2, Issue 109
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Being a citizen, of a village, of a nation, of a world, is being an active participant.  Citizenship is distinguished from simple residency and implies individuality.  There is no contradiction here, although a fascistic reading may declare that a citizen is one who is glorified in his immersion in...
Only Two Years Ago?  How Times Change
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 1, Issue 108
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Exactly two years ago, I wrote and published an issue of Metaphoria (June 2000) in which I described (as a final act of my teaching career of 30 years) sitting through a high school graduation ceremony.  The invited guest speaker was the champion and high priest of the telecommunications...
Holy Molars, Batman!
2002, Volume 9 Nr. 11, Issue 107
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
The White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP) issued its final report in March. It is a prayer of praise to CAM, which it never actually defined, despite two years of "study". Between the WHCCAMP and the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), there have been, in 10 years, over one billion...
That Sickening Feeling in the Gut: Inching Toward Another Big One
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 10, Issue 106
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Violence as arrogance is nothing new.  Violence or threat of it to accomplish what cannot be accomplished by political means is what most people consider to be terrorism.  There is a "war" presently being waged and marketed that "may not end in our lifetime" against terrorism.  The arrogance of this statement alone is...
Contemplating Dead Warriors and the War We all Wage in the Smokey Mountains
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 9, Issue 105
Greg Brady
Hard to believe this valley held 1000 or so men at war and has very little to witness that event, just this pile of rocks and an odd holly. Who won that war matters not a rat’s ass to the wild things left here..
Meme Marines of Monoculture
2002, Volume 9 Nr. 8, Issue 104
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
We are being branded right out of our minds. We are being branded like the cattle we are in the pseudologic of the megamarket. The branding irons are searing our foreheads from the inside, in our frontal lobes where meaning is made. The logo-scars of various ranches compete in our headmeat for ...
Owe.  We Pay, We Pay.  We Owe!
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 7, Issue 103
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
This is a good time, as a consequence of both world and personal events, to link a very popular tune from the late 1960's Broadway American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, "Hair", to the present.  Though the Right would object, more on the grounds of possible apoplectic reaction...
Ambiguous Absolutism and Absolute Ambiguity
2002, Volume 10 Nr. 6, Issue 102
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Typically, absolutes are given definition and premised according to unchangeable doctrine from, and within, books and documents deemed sacred, sacrosanct, holy, authoritative, etc.  The only problem is, the meaning and the passages of these writings are in reality, either defined by the reader or more often than not, a reader who has a vested...
Harry Potter and Other Heresies
2002, Volume 9 Nr. 5, Issue 101
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
What I would like to say to the pottermanic religioids is, "Lighten up, try critical thinking for a change, and everything is not all about you. Really." The focus of most of the worry falls into two categories: magic and morals....
The Uncooling of America
2001, Volume 9 Nr. 4, Issue 100
Kalle Lasn
The shift began in the last third of the nineteenth century -- the start of a great period of struggle between corporations and civil society. The turning point was the Civil War. Corporations made huge profits from procurement contracts and took advantage of the disorder and corruption...
The State of Humanity
2001, Volume 9 Nr. 3, Issue 99
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Consider the arrogance of humanity.  It believes in an omniscient power gratifying upon it a special largesse.  Collective humanity believes itself to be uniquely privileged through a divinely conferred elitist status with dominion over all other species.  Collectively, it believes in its own inevitability...
Skeptyk in the Web
2001, Volume 9 Nr. 2, Issue 98
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
And on lots of issues believers and skeptics simply use different types of evidence. And the same person may be skeptical about trance channels but be a true believer, even quite hostile to skepticism, about, say, the natural benevolence of capitalism. "Skepticism is attitude, not dogma"...
Commodification of Friendship The Discomfort of Individualism
Sep 2001, Volume 9 Nr. 1, Issue 97
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD

Perhaps, those friendships that pick up where they left off after decades of separation, are comprised of individuals who one way or another move beyond the Western sinkhole of being stuck at...
AD'ing Contrast, Contradiction in Genoa
Aug 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 12, Issue 96
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD

The news is not that of yet another tragic death in the two-thousand year conflict in the "Holy Land" and the failure of humanity to come to terms with its violent nature.  The news is, "Fuel for the Talking Machine", three-kilo-minutes of ...
Greed Capitalism and Dysfunction
Jul 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 11, Issue 95
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD

Membership in the apparent exclusive club that defines success placates incongruous the waking state of our debt financing.  Beneath sleep, while walking, working, playing, turning the spit on the starter fluid charcoal scented...
The Flower and the Shrub
Jun 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 10, Issue 94
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Bush invoked the name of a woman totally opposed to killing. Yet, the former governor, while in Texas, signed execution orders for 152 people, including many who are mentally ill and some who are retarded.  It took less than six months after Bush left the governor's mansion in Texas and moved to the White House for the Texas legislature to pass legislation...
Kent State, Littleton, et al Columbine, Christians and Cops
May 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 9, Issue 93
Paul Roasberry
Paul Roasberry, a parent of a Columbine High School student, expresses the connection between violence as a government policy and violence as a consequence thereof. 
An Atheist Responds
Apr 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 8, Issue 92
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN

The argument of direct experience is a source of comfort for many. Unfortunately, an emotional, internal, subjective experience not only proves nothing, but what is a person to do with such "revelation"? Usually one wants to fit it into an existing... available...
Dubya's Hypocrisy and the Santa Anna school Shooting
Mar 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 7, Issue 91
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD

Yes George.  You are correct.  When our leaders, politicians and other ruling elite teach by virtue of example we learn the lessons.  Thank you for your examples.  When one executes to "solve problems" as the former governor has in Texas...
Seattle to Switzerland Protesting in the New Police State
Feb 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 6, Issue 90
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN

The "inauguration" exposed wider issues of the crackdown on democratic speech and actions since Seattle, both in the US and its allies in the (relatively) free world, both on the streets and on the airwaves. This includes official police policies during events, as well as policies and attitudes of corporationist media that lead to...
Me, Myself and I to Join Themselves at the Inauguration
Jan 2001, Volume 8 Nr. 5, Issue 89
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
If TV were around back then, with the rabid Religious Reich on Tom Jefferson's tail (and Sally's), the scandal would have made Bill's peccadilloes minor and tame by comparison
Seattle to Switzerland Protesting in the New Police State
Dec 2000, Volume 8 Nr. 4, Issue 88
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Atheists are alien species to most Americans. Few people seem to know any atheists personally. Of course they do, because we freethinkers average one in twenty. But folks are more likely to admit to fetishism than to atheism....
Abbie's Electoral Politics
Nov 2000, Volume 8 Nr. 3, Issue 87
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
I want to be able to enter the polling booth (or vote on the Internet - but that is a debate of another kind) and I want the option of voting for "No-one" or "Nobody" and if no-one or no-body wins, then we get new candidates...
Septober, Octember, No Wonder
Oct 2000, Volume 8 Nr. 2, Issue 86
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Why waste our time with Joe, when there is Ralph Nader.   Ralph has a Semitic background, also comes from Connecticut, has impeccable credentials, untarnished reputation and a lifetime of superhero consumer advocacy?...
Skeptical About Hate Crimes Law
Sep 2000, Volume 8 Nr. 1, Issue 85
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN

We must not dehumanize those who dehumanize us. To picture hate crimes offenders as monsters and predators makes it easier to lock them away. But these are our fellow citizens: our neighbors, co-workers, family members...
Thinking Outside the Box Prison Abolition
Aug 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 12, Issue 84
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN

As you read this, one in every 140 people in the U.S. is in a cage. Two million humans in cages called state and federal prisons. Nearly 12 million are caged each year, and about five...
Star Wars Miasma
Jul 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 11, Issue 83
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD

Who in their right mind believes that SDI/Star Wars, transmogrified into the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO), is anything more than pork barrel supreme for the corporate entities involved in its research, design, manufacture, deployment and maintenance - even if it doesn't work...
Jun 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 10, Issue 82
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski, PhD
Strange, is it not, that words in retrospect, from the pen of a hero affirmed years after his demise, can be embraced as exemplary by a Trilateralist, while those who practice them non-violently in the flesh as daily citizens rather than daily consumers, are branded as strange, malcontent, unstable, weird, or far worse... 
The Dream of May 13
May 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 9, Issue 81
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
This is the invisible side of America.   This is the most common side of a nation, poor, struggling, trapped within the castle walls of Kapitalism, like the African-American policeman, cogs in a giant machine constantly running toward and on profit...
The Ides of March
Apr 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 8, Issue 80
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
I asked myself: from which direction does the hate come?  From which side does the threat of violence emanate?   Which side engenders compassion and which exclusivity?  Which side is threatened by the civil rights of the other?  (Vermont and Civil Union)...
Like A Pile of Shoes
Mar 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 7, Issue 79
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN

In a 1983 advertising brochure one company described the new FASCAM ("Family of Scatterable Mines") as "a family of target-activated munitions which will revolutionize the modern battlefield. Yes, these mine systems...have the potential to change battlefield methods more than any innovation since guided missiles"...
Feb 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 6, Issue 78
Vasilis Afxentiou
The brag-and-boast of all that is best in the world for the whole world to follow, but don't make waves. The land of good ol' 'human-rights' and 'peace-loving', 'upright' and 'upstanding' citizenry, but question nothing. Hallelujah! brother, but praise be! to the Carbine and the Bombin'!...
Power From Within
Jan 2000, Volume 7 Nr. 5, Issue 77
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

The year 2000 does have some significance.  It is a psychological unique changing of the yearly digits which suggests something new is taking place, at least for those of us who subscribe to the predominant Christian calendar of Pope Gregory XIII, who in his own ignorance did not take leap years into account when he created it...
WTO Who?
Dec 1999, Volume 7 Nr. 4, Issue 76
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

Everywhere there are signs that young people, particularly college age youth, are no longer willing to allow the greedy elders and olders run the show in the nonchalant, cavalier and unenlightened manor that has for the past thirty years posed as an exemplary style worthy of duplication...
Happy Thinsdoing
Nov 1999, Volume 7 Nr. 3, Issue 75
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

From poultry industry and corporate-agri-business portfolios making one feel good while pigging-out to overdosing on and overexposing our children to holiday-hype commercials, we do what we do in the name of doing one's part...
The Spirituality of Dissent
Oct 1999, Volume 7 Nr. 2, Issue 74
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

I suggest that it is this inherent paradigm baggage that we bring to any meeting or discussion, and it is precisely our inability to transcend the incommensurability between differing participants' paradigms that is an obstacle to understanding...
The Most Dangerous Book
Sep 1999, Volume 7 Nr. 1, Issue 73
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

"On the contrary," I replied, "a truly loving God would not stultify our minds. He would encourage us to think for ourselves." I tried, then, to show him that his belief in the divine authority of the Bible rested on nothing more than his own personal opinion, to which, of course, he was entitled...
Hate and Silence
Aug 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 12, Issue 72
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

Matthew Shepherd's death (and many others like it) was an anti-gay hate crime.  The demonstrators who came to Vermont espoused anti-gay hate.  To be silent is to condone.  Yet, in my almost three decades of teaching... 
KPFA and a Different Kind of Joe
Jul 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 11, Issue 71
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

So, does the US public know anything?  Well, yes.  They do.  They know what is presented to them, that is, what is brought to them through dumbing-down media of (mostly) television and radio - corporate infobusiness of which... 
Jun 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 10, Issue 70
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

I call them spineless because rather than standing up for the best beliefs that liberalism has to offer, many or most self-internalized liberals found themselves hiding under rocks worried that their modified brand of liberalism might be
The Great Mandela
May 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 9, Issue 69
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

I am not naïve enough to believe that if I chant phrases of encouragement for a better world or an end to the war in Yugoslavia that it will happen and in the morning all will be well in the Balkans. I do believe, however, that war as an option to settling disputes between nations has long ago become obsolete....
Apr 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 8, Issue 68
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
As I write this issue NATO air strikes are taking place in Yugoslavia. Tremendous amounts of multi-billion-dollar hardware are involved and poised for further action. CNN has an on-line military hardware databank. You too, can follow the action...
Mar 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 7, Issue 67
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
The paradox of practice, that is, of living consciously, is that we use words to find that which is beyond words. We use forms, including our bodies and tools, to enter formlessness. We develop concepts to go beyond concepts...
Feb 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 6, Issue 66
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The emerging technologies of the late 20th century have been taking the emphasis off of book reading. There is even a movement afoot in California to demonize reading through a pedagogy which espouses the concept of the prejudice of the printed word.
Jan 1999, Volume 6 Nr. 5, Issue 65
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

There is, however, no such thing as being non-political. To be non-political is, well, a political act. To not act politically is to be metaphorically speaking, dead, for the personal is the political, and the political is the personal. The only way to truly become non-political is to die...
War Machinery
Dec 1998, Volume 6 Nr. 4, Issue 64
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

War is profitable and good for the economy. Global predatory Capitalism has much to gain from going to war and using its war machinery. There is an alternative...
Nov 1998, Volume 6 Nr. 3, Issue 63
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

What if masquerading under the disguise of worthwhile endeavor and beneficial activity, our co-opted and highly predictable acts of self inflicted pseudozest were nothing more extraordinary than Madison Avenue hype...
And, Here's
Oct 1998, Volume 6 Nr. 2, Issue 62
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

The GOP and their power elite have always seen Nixon’s resignation and departure as being orchestrated by the very same lefty, pinko, commie nudies, unpatriotic, flag-burning, godless, hippie, druggies like Bill, Hillary and their comrades....
Green. Pink and Rainbow
Sep 1998, Volume 6 Nr. 1, Issue 61
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In the snow-white landscape of Bernie’s Vermont where the Congressman has for over a decade declared his Socialist orientation, the sand-beiged terrain of New Mexico offers the possibility of the cactus Green Party candidacies of...
Aliens Abduct School Staff in Wells, Vermont
Aug 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 12, Issue 60
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The aliens, competent and uncompromising, sucked out the brainpower of the education populace. Decimating the town’s ability to academically lead the next generation into knowledgeable adulthood, the aliens left behind an institution shy on personnel and a village wondering "why?"...
Mediacracy and the Puerto Rico Strike
Jul 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 11, Issue 59
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

One can hardly sell the products of mass consumerism by giving time to groups and messages that espouse anti-consumerist messages contrary to the consumption ethic. That is the recognition that, we, the people need to come to terms with...
Doing Bad and Feeling Good
Jun 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 10, Issue 58
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Those on the left (which by the way is quite differently defined whether one considers oneself left or right of center) need to recognize that those on the right (also defined differently depending upon one’s political spectral position) have also been identified and targeted as prime candidates to do good while consuming more...
School Shootings
May 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 9, Issue 57
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

Perhaps, if the truth were known about school violence, there would be a flood of parents who opt not to send their children to public school. Perhaps, students would flee the public schools in such large numbers that it would affect funding. That in turn, might hasten the demise of what is quickly becoming a failed educational public school system...
Apr 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 8, Issue 56
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
...the worker solidarity common in my youth is all but gone in United States. In its place, is the illusion of rugged individualism disguising the conformity of a greedy ethic. It is very evident that drastic changes occurred over the past few decades. Far fewer people, even those of my own age, can today relate to what I am talking about...
Mar 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 7, Issue 55
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Whether through error, design or omission in reporting, the creation of culture which focuses the masses on simplistic scenarios and salacious innuendo does an injustice to the freedom and liberty we purport to possess. Face it: reporting in America is entertainment, tailored to increase ratings, expand control and profit...
Feb 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 6, Issue 54
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
John Paul and Fidel share much in common through the recognizable disparity of their ideologies. Both wear uniforms and both, through them, profess a commitment to obvious zealous ideology. Both men, perhaps better than any other, recognize the hideous negative potential of runaway Capitalism and both have spoken out about the dangers of neoliberalism...
Jan 1998, Volume 5 Nr. 5, Issue 53
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Depression is pathology. It is a sickness every bit as real, perhaps more so, than influenza or strep throat. The large numbers of Americans who are depressed, a real illness to the individual, is but a symptom of a larger national (and quickly becoming, global) pathology. This economic pathology is a cofactor and...
Dec 1997, Volume 5 Nr. 4, Issue 52
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Pardon me for not talking about the Chargers' football game, or the Packers for that matter. I plead guilty of watching Benjamin Barber on CSPAN giving, "a lecture on potential downsides to multinational corporate expansion in an address at Connecticut College"... Barber spoke about the threat of "McWorld", the McDonaldization of everything...
The Index
Nov 1997, Volume 5 Nr. 3, Issue 51
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Wouldn't it be more valuable to society if the most important indices reflected the state of people's lives rather than the supposed state of the economy through the stock market? I propose a streaming tickertape index...
Serious Men
Oct 1997, Volume 5 Nr. 2, Issue 50
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
What fascinates me is the adaptability of the serious men who are running the world. Their ability to invent, reinvent or reorganize serious situations is cunning. The more serious they are, the more honed is their ability to extricate from a tangled mass of human interplay, the serious from the mundane and inconsequential...
Divergent Thinking
Sep 1997, Volume 5 Nr. 1, Issue 49
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Political correctness has become part of our unconscious mental modus operandi. Subtly over time, political correctness has altered whatever divergent thinking we were capable of into to a convergent thinking where we are pleasantly safe always...
Aug 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 12, Issue 48
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
It is important for thinking people to realize that each of our perspectives is tainted by the politics that we consciously or unconsciously call our own. That being said, even the least politically aware and savvy individual can see that the justifications for our treatment of Cuba is the pot calling the kettle black...
Jul 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 11, Issue 47
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
External voices and other noises become a means of control. Sad is the individual who unknowingly is at the mercy of both internal and external noises...
Jun 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 10, Issue 46
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Taking no action at all, is in effect, making the decision to do nothing - which in itself has some risk...
May 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 9, Issue 45
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
When we say, "I am well fed" or "I have nothing to complain about" – content with the way things are, then we may lose sight of who the people are that Chomsky refers to in his statement. The people are the collective we – not the egoistic "I"...
Apr 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 8, Issue 44
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We are the products of myths as much as myths are the products of what we are. The stories that we tell ourselves can become what we believe regardless how little truth they contain...
Mar 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 7, Issue 43
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The new wave of modern technological global mass communications very efficiently propagates a culture of homogenous thinking and emotion. The media, especially the print and electronic media, feed our desire for sensational negative reporting. On March 21, 1997, the CNN..
The Small Stuff
Feb 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 6, Issue 42
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
If we believe that small stuff is big stuff, we will teach that it is so by our actions, by our responses, by the way in which we interact with each other and by the way we function. When we change our mind, that is when become more conscious and..
Jan 1997, Volume 4 Nr. 5, Issue 41
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The truth then is something in need of discovery. Acting out of mindfulness, and in the awareness of our potential for accepting illusion, we challenge illusion in an attempt at discovery. It is after all, doubt that prompts one to remove it...
Dec 1996, Volume 4 Nr. 4, Issue 40
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Those who own the means of production however, have seen their salaries skyrocket to the point where their incomes for one year are higher than the lifetime income of the average United States worker...
Nov 1996, Volume 4 Nr. 3, Issue 39
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The messages we receive and the lessons we learn through the information we let in and process, are to one extent or another, the behavior that we exhibit. The behavior we exhibit is to a large extent a consequence of the messages we are exposed to. This creates a self-replicating cycle which tries to convince us...
Spiritual Autobiography
Oct 1996, Volume 4 Nr. 2, Issue 38
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Skepticism is not closedmindedness. On the contrary, unless it travels with its near enemy, cynicism, skepticism is an attitude of highly observant questioning, "an open mind is not a hole in your head"...
Sep 1996, Volume 4 Nr. 1, Issue 37
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Sounding much like a commercial, the philosophy of rugged individualism, a subset of the politics of separation, teaches that we neither want nor need to give or get help from others. We can go it alone. The difference between a liberal and conservative, they say, is...
Aug 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 12, Issue 36
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
If an idea or story is repeated often enough, it will be eventually believed. Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf wrote, "The broad mass of a nation [...] will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." With ever increasing terabytes of information heading our way...
Jul 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 11, Issue 35
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Ultimately, the pilgrim recognizes that everyone is in the tribe, all people are pilgrims, more or less awake (and don't be so sure you know who's who in the awakeness department, either)....
Walking Loaded
Jun 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 10, Issue 34
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
If an idea or story is repeated often enough, it will be eventually believed. Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf wrote, "The broad mass of a nation [...] will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." With ever increasing terabytes of information heading our way...
May 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 9, Issue 33
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
There are times when individual maxims are so compelling that society’s maxims must be ignored as a matter of conscience and personal well being. The consequences may be minimal or they may be the start of major change...
Language and Literacy
Apr 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 8, Issue 32
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Optimistic or pessimistic, there's a formulaic sameness by which we buy admittance to a neo-family by adopting its notion of what a person should or must be. It's easy to learn the language and to fit a few spare details with our individual nametag on them...
Faith and Fraud
Mar 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 7, Issue 31
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
and Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
With the inherent pitfalls of searching for answers, looking for the truth, wanting to feel better, live longer, be happier, one would think humans would invent a system of thought that is mostly immune from accepting fraud as faith...
Incense as Metaphor
Feb 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 6, Issue 30
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Imagine how our internal state of affairs might benefit from making space and taking as much time being conscious of our state of mind than we do with our state of body, our financial affairs or political position...
The Value of Sadness
Jan 1996, Volume 3 Nr. 5, Issue 29
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski, RN
Only recently has the dominant culture begun to accept and study even personal grief. We have no context for a healthy transpersonal sorrow...
Dec 1995, Volume 3 Nr. 4, Issue 28
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The western mind is so busy trying to figure people and things out (including ourselves) that the silence which occurs when no thinking takes place is alarming to the ego. This ego’s fear can be manifest as boredom, a signal that the ego is no longer being entertained...
Attitudinal Healing and the Eightfold Path
Nov 1995, Volume 3 Nr. 3, Issue 27
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
Work can be toxic. While OSHA is designed to lessen the likelihood that working people will have accidents or exposure to poisons, it does not address toxic relationships or psychologically toxic policies...
Skeptycism and Cynicism
Oct 1995, Volume 3 Nr. 2, Issue 26
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The scientific method of inquiry is the best method we have to separate our willingness to make our explanation the truth, from actively and impartially seeking the truth. Skepticism is a positive off-shoot of that seeking...
Seeing Sacred Architecture
Sep 1995, Volume 3 Nr. 1, Issue 25
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
As a nurse, and mother of a frequent patient, I have been dismayed by the unimaginative impersonal spaces that hospitals provide. While I appreciate the clean, practical and non-threatening aspects of modern medical architecture, there's something missing...
Aug 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 12, Issue 24
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
How do we deal with our mental clutter? We can for example quickly empty the gunny sacks as soon as something is placed in it. Rather than stew and form a brew from the hops of our discontent, we can bring out the contents of the gunny sack and deal with it...
Waiting For
Jul 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 11, Issue 23
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Waiting for can be seen as another ego defense. The misconception that we are not good enough, nor have enough, places us into fear, preventing us from being loving...
Jun 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 10, Issue 22
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
There are plenty of ways to devalue and disown our shadow, and projection is a path of least resistance, an easy way out. But in giving away essential components of our very self, we are thin, superficial, easily manipulated...
May 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 9, Issue 21
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
How magnificent to think that the inherent beauty, intricacy and infinite length of the fractalian coastline can be transferred onto the recognition that love is infinite and it is what we are. There is chaos in the coastline. Yet, there is beauty and orderliness...
Apr 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 8, Issue 20
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Those things which today are so important become inconsequential at the moment of our death. If we can, if we dare, imagine our death, then we can clearly see how inconsequential our present traumas really are. Death then, as the ultimate detachment, is a teacher before it even occurs...
Mar 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 7, Issue 19
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
"Democracy depends on intensely active citizens, not children." Citizen and consumer are not interchangeable terms but the prevailing attitude in this country is that of consumerism, not citizenship..
Feb 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 6, Issue 18
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Perhaps our scientific attempts to discover what the material universe is made of, superstrings, will lead us to the discovery that it, and love as the essence of our conscious universe, is one and the same thing...
Jan 1995, Volume 2 Nr. 6, Issue 17
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
A commonality for all of us is the fact of death. We exist in an anxious world left to our own devices to cope with our impermanence. In the end, our methods of escape fail and we are humbled. Rather than fight impermanence, we can see it as a positive event...
Dec 1994, Volume 2 Nr. 5, Issue 16
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The sad part is that insanity as revolt is repeated over and over again until the repetition becomes revolting. We cyclically reinforce that which we wish to eliminate from our lives. We fall into a rut, a funk, a depression....
Nov 1994, Volume 2 Nr. 4, Issue 15
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
Everything is metaphor. Not only our words, but music, art, religion, even emotions are metaphors. Thus do we translate the essential. We use metaphor to share our experience and ideas with others. Metaphor travels with myth, and gives voice to mystery. Thus, our new name, Metaphoria...
Oct 1994, Volume 2 Nr. 3, Issue 14
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We can argue that consciousness of the experience of the moment is a return to single-mindedness. It is in this state of recognizing single-mindedness that living in the ever present now moment occurs...
Sep 1994, Volume 2 Nr. 2, Issue 13
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We long ago outgrew the need to rage in order to survive. Our multi-mindedness achieved through passage into adulthood provides us with the means to circumvent rage, anger and hostility. Though our thoughts might occasionally revert to rage, another mental activity may recognize that love is what we are...
The Other Family-of-Origin Characters
Aug 1994, Volume 2 Nr. 1, Issue 12
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
No matter what roles we attain to, no matter what carefully constructed personae we present to the world, our brother or sister has known us at our most vulnerable. It is not always comfortable to be with people who knew me when I was that way. Siblings hold that magic mirror in which we see ourselves, like it or not...
The Last Judgment (It’s Not What you Think)
Jul 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 11, Issue 11
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We long ago outgrew the need to rage in order to survive. Our multi-mindedness achieved through passage into adulthood provides us with the means to circumvent rage, anger and hostility. Though our thoughts might occasionally revert to rage, another mental activity may recognize that love is what we are...
Forgiveness is a Call to Action
Jun 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 10, Issue 10
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
One may hold a personal grievance, a grudge that they hoard like a jewel and will forgive "over my dead body." Perhaps so, since animosity exacts a very high price physically as well as spiritually...
I Am Not a Victim of the World I See
May 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 9, Issue 9
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Taking charge is redefining ourselves as a participant in life rather than a victim. "No understanding of evolution is adequate that does not have at its core that we are on a journey toward authentic power, and that authentic empowerment is the goal of our evolutionary process and the purpose of our being"...
Releasing Our Fears
Apr 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 8, Issue 8
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
I believe that too often the political, fear-based manipulations of traditional scriptures have led to separation rather than reconciliation, use of scripture for power-over rather than partnership. Such abuses have occurred in the major religions...
The Unexpected
Mar 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 7, Issue 7
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
It was a typical beginning to my work day. I stopped by the cafeteria for the obligatory cup of coffee, banana and blueberry muffin. I conversed with the cafeteria staff and the early bird students. One of them asked me if I had heard about a former student, age 19, who committed suicide the previous evening...
The Relationship
Feb 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 6, Issue 6
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
Everything and everyone that we encounter establishes a relationship between itself and us. Relationships with other people become special when we find in others something that we find lacking in ourselves. Many of our relationships are such special relationships. The pain and suffering that we ultimately must feel...
Jan 1994, Volume 1 Nr. 5, Issue 5
JeanneE and Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The ego deviously strives to reinstitute the laws of chaos. It waits for every opportunity to place belief in chaos into our mind when our guard is down. Whenever a conflict erupts, one of the parties can easily defuse it by recognizing that following the laws of chaos is an illusion. It never gains us anything...
The Experiment
Dec 1993, Volume 1 Nr. 4, Issue 4
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
In Courage to be Myself, Carlos G. Valles, S.J., dares to suggest that the basic assumption, so ingrained from early on, that we are supposed to be happy, is wrong! He further suggests that the cause of our unhappiness is our inability, as hard as we try, to achieve inescapable happiness...
Nov 1993, Volume 1 Nr. 3, Issue 3
JeanneE Hand-Boniakowski
We often allow others to intimidate joyful, spontaneous music making. Remember, it wasn't long ago when nearly everyone played some instrument, usually with glowing mediocrity, be it piano, harmonica or voice. So, too, have we..
The Joy That is Us
Oct 1993, Volume 1 Nr. 2, Issue 2
Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
The media portray the world as a sad place filled with pain. Its reporting separates and divides. It presents the world in "they" and "we" terminology. Yet, there is so much goodness and love in the world. Is it possible that the media chose to create the world it presents...
Sep 1993, Volume 1 Nr. 1, Issue 1
JeanneE and Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
We teach that which we need most to learn. This refers to all lessons both academic and social. When a student argues about a point in our teaching or simply gives us "grief", we usually see the student as attacking. These attack thoughts come from our own internal unresolved conflicts...

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