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June 2005, Volume 12 Nr. 22, Issue 157

More BushitThe Iraq War Address of June 28, 2005

Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

On Tuesday evening, June 28, 2005, George W. Bush walked into a crowded room of military people standing robotically at full attention for the duration and gave his speech on Iraq to a national media audience.  Bush began by saying that we are fighting an enemy that "....hates freedom, rejects tolerance, and despises all dissent."  Excuse me, George, just who is it that despises dissent in the United States?  Who is it in the United States that is stifling freedom?  I was there at your first inauguration.  You remember, the initiation event that sanctified your theft of the 2000 election.  There in the center of the "free world's" capital, Washington DC, were tens-of-thousands of people squeezed into fenced  anti-constitutional corrals dubbed "free speech zones".  Imagine.  The "land of the free" now has non-free speech zones outside the small pens where limited free speech is allowed.  These tiny slivers of liberty are an affront to free people.  What would the founders of the nation and the authors of the Constitution say about this?  To get into the "free speech zones" people were funneled through a single checkpoint where everything from magic markers and pens to nail clippers were confiscated.  Signs were allowed but only of a certain maximum size, no poles to hold them aloft, nor markers to make them.  People were harassed and a feeder march was stopped from joining the main demonstration at the corner of Constitution and K.  Eventually the marchers got through with the help of what has come to be referred to as the Black Bloc.

George, I can tell how much you hate freedom, reject tolerance, and despise dissent.  I can tell, by the actions of the neo-cons who worship you as the symbol of the State, that your regime sees dissent as being treason.  In February, 2003, before the current incarnation of the Iraq war began, a million-strong antiwar demonstration took place in New York City.  Millions more protested around the world.  The right wing New York Sun on the eve of the demonstration urged right wing mayor Michael Bloomberg to do whatever he could to obstruct it.  He tried.  I was there.  I saw it.  The people, who were not issued a permit to march did so anyway.  You see, George, we are born with the right to free speech and the Constitution codifies it, but it is meaningless unless the people express it.  Your autocratic operatives failed to stop the people from expressing their outrage that no matter what you were hell-bent on going to war. 

How's this for freedom?  While people were protesting in the millions around the world against preplanned invasion of Iraq, the New York city mounted police squashed people against buildings forcing them back with nowhere to go.  Horses shoved youngsters and grandmas alike into walls.  Police told the demonstrators to walk over those who had fallen to the ground. Yes, sir, by George, you sure do love the people's right to dissent.  The truth is, it is you who believe that freedom-loving people, dissenting in opposition to you, are corrupt and decadent.  You stated as much when you said: If you are not with us you are against us.  When you draw that line, you place yourself on the side of rejecting the Constitution.  How dare you?  You, by violating the oath you took in January 2005 to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, are corrupt and decadent.  Lying to get the country to go to war is a high crime and misdemeanor. 

Let us look at more examples of how your regime despises  dissent.  While protesters were organizing demonstrations, gambler and former Reagan administration official, moralist Bill Bennett said, "Communists are certainly glad to...sponsor and organize [the anti-war rallies]. I don't think everybody who participates is a communist, but communists are certainly behind it..."  Made any trade deals with Communist China lately, George?  In an email sent to supporters, Gary Bauer, president of the Institute for American Values and former GOP presidential candidate, made the case that anti-war protesters are more damaging to America than terrorists!  Bauer said of the protesters, "at the end of the day I believe we have more to fear from the anti-American crowd right here at home."  Being anti-war is not being anti-American.  Being anti-dissent is.  But it goes deeper than that, George.  You hate anyone that says anything or demonstrates against you and your manifest destiny policies.  You hate it when people express the truth about your corruption, the lies and illegal war, and so, like the old Soviet politburo, your party apparatchiks orchestrate who can and who cannot come to your rallies and speeches.  You filter people out.  What way is that for the president of the United States to behave?  Your operatives scour parking lots for bumper stickers that suggest dissent and toss people associated with them out of meeting halls.  You have people signing loyalty oaths before they can come and hear you speak. You eject people because of the clothing or the buttons they wear. You refuse people access because they look like they may protest.  That's how much you love freedom and dissent.  Perhaps, you would like to lock these people up in GTMO?  How about using extraordinary rendition?  Extraordinary rendition is the CIA delivering terror suspects into the hands of foreign intelligence services without any extradition proceedings.  It is exporting suspects for the purpose of obtaining information by proxy torturers.

Tell us George, how do the following show the world that you love freedom and honor the people's right to dissent: spying on peace group meetings, infiltrating them, keeping secret files on innocent people, keeping track of what people read and where they go on the Internet, arresting anti-war protesters for no reason and questioning their political affiliations, having police pose as antiwar couples at events, police gathering names of people attending meetings, operatives infiltrating church groups spying on people, taking down license plate numbers, profiling people as activists, lying about the potential of violence at demonstrations by demonstrators, police rioting for the purposes of intimidation, closing down transportation facilities during demonstrations, harassing protestors, beating demonstrators, pepper spraying them for no apparent reason, tapping telephones, coming into peoples' homes without a warrant, embedding agent provocateurs, etc.  None of these are characteristics of a free society.  

I'll tell you what I think, George.  I think you are still upset that the people pissed on your inauguration parade in January, 2001,  when you could not walk the final leg of the parade up to the White House after stealing the election.  I think that you don't give a damn about the Constitution and that freedom and dissent get in the way of achieving global neo-liberal hegemony.  The Constitution be damned when it comes to getting your neo-con way.  But listen and you will hear an ever-growing sound.  It is more than the sucking sound of jobs going to Mexico and  China.  It is the collective roar of the masses of the United States' people waking up to your lies and deceit.  It is the sound of the imminent demonstrations and outcry against your corrupt regime.  It is the sound of the cheering masses as you, like your mentor, Richard Nixon, are removed from office.  It is the sound of the world's second super-power: dissent in opposition to you.  You can toss around all the lies and diversion you want, but the people are no longer listening.  An MSNBC poll taken the morning after your June 28th speech clearly shows this.  MSNBC asked, "Do you agree with President Bush that the sacrifice in Iraq is worth it?"  78% said NO.  22% said YES.  The people are saying, "No more lies.  No more deception.  No more Bushit!"  

2005 Jozef Hand-Boniakowski
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