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October 12, 2011, Volume 18 Nr. 1, Issue 259
The One (1%) Percenters Upcoming Solution

Jozef Hand-Boniakowski

Over the past five weeks the United States has shown the world that the apathy of its people, the working class, the 99% that are owned, controlled and manipulated who are the instruments of wealth acquisition for the 1%, has come to an end.  Starting with the Occupy Wall Street occupation of September 17, 2011 (organized by the British Columbia, Canada, consumer advocacy magazine/organization, Adbusters) the anti greed-capitalism demonstrations have spread to over 1,000 cities in the United States.  Other demonstrations are taking place in the United Kingdom and around the world.  The occupations are on-going and permanent with diverse but related demands revolving around massive wealth affecting every aspect of people's lives.  

The Declaration of Independence declares that "all people are created equal".  This is a fundamental tenet of the Republic of the United States of America.  The Constitution in its Bill of Rights guarantees that that every person has a right to freedom of speech.  This is contradicted, however, by the United States Supreme Court in its Citizens United Decision of January 21, 2010, declaring that money is free speech.  The result of this decision is that there no longer exists any limit on corporate funding of political campaigns.  The Supreme Court has ruled that such limitations violate the right of free speech guaranteed under the Constitution.  This ruling presumes a previous decision where the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people and that they are entitled to the same constitutional rights and privileges.  Wealthy corporations can fund and elect whomever they want.  Their owners, the 1% of the wealthiest people in the United States, the one-Percenters, can control everything and every one of the 99%, the ninety-nine-percenters.  
The one-percenters determine who each of the two faces of the Corporate Parties' presidential candidates are.  They determine who gets elected to Congress.  Their  lackeys occupy the House and the Senate.  According to CBS News, there are 245 millionaires in Congress of which 179 (R:109, D:70) are in the U.S. House and 66 (R:29, D:35. I:1) in the U.S. Senate.  The wealthiest person in the U.S. House is Republican Darrell Issa with a net worth of $303,757,011.  In the senate, that honor goes to John Kerry with a net worth of $238,812,296.
The corporations and the 1% who own them determine foreign policy motivated by the prospects for their further wealth accumulation.  Their motto is: free enterprise uber alles.  This is what they live for.  The 1% determine which foreign countries the United States, Inc., will go to war with and when.  It is the ninety-nine-percenters, the poor at the bottom of the pile, the working class and  the unemployed, that always fight the wars, get maimed and die.  At this moment, the wars for profit and for the theft of other people's natural resources include, but are not limited to: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Chad, Pakistan, Bahrain.   Soon to be added to this list is Iran.  War with Iran is the one-percenters wet dream.  War is capitalism redefining itself and the world in its own image and likeness.  Capitalism is God.  And God can do what it wants. 
More and more analysts are concerned that the United States and the world economy are nearing complete collapse.  This is evidenced by the loss over the past few years of an average of a half-million jobs per month in the United States.  Further evidence comes from Greece where its people are suffering under crushing austerity measures.  In Europe, the Euro is collapsing.  The United States dollar continues to lose value.  Mortgage, credit, and banking institutions have failed.  Government subsidies bailout corporations (but not people) to prevent insolvency.  People are angry demonstrating in the streets.  
David L. Prychtko writing in The Precise Encyclopedia of Economics. Marxism. writes:
"Marx predicted that competition among capitalists would grow so fierce that, eventually, most capitalists would go bankrupt, leaving only a handful of monopolists controlling nearly all production. This, to Marx, was one of the contradictions of capitalism: competition, instead of creating better products at lower prices for consumers, in the long run creates monopoly, which exploits workers and consumers alike. What happens to the former capitalists? They fall into the ranks of the proletariat, creating a greater supply of labor, a fall in wages, and what Marx called a growing reserve army of the unemployed. Also, thought Marx, the anarchic, unplanned nature of a complex market economy is prone to economic crises as supplies and demands become mismatched, causing huge swings in business activity and, ultimately, severe economic depressions."
The current state of world capitalism has once again provided striking evidence that Karl Marx analysis of capitalism has merit.  The one-percenters object, screaming that the ninety-nine percenters are practicing class warfare.  As the old saying goes, those who smelt it dealt it.  Those making these accusations of class warfare are, in fact, those that are conducting it.

Those that have the most to lose, the one-percenters, have a solution.  That solution, once again, will be the same old burden upon the one-percenters that the history books have glorified since first being published.  War.  Not just another war for the benefit of military-industrial-complex, but a money maker whopper of a war that resets the capitalist paradigm.  A war that reboots the wealth-acquisition mechanism silencing its critics with the same old patriarchy, patriotism, flag waving, mom's apple pie, beer and victory.  It's time for war with Iran!

It's not only time for war with Iran.  It's time for using  a war with Iran as a stepping stone to much bigger and better things.  It's time for a global war to reset priorities.  It's time for World War III.  Yeah!  Boo-yah!  It's time to restart the factories, putting the U.S. population back to work manufacturing the implements, uniforms, transportation, logistics, mechanisms, etc., for all out conflagration for complete control of the entire earth.  Until, of course, capitalism, once again, finds itself in the same predicament.   Boom.  Bust.  War.  Boom.  Bust.  War.  Boom. Bust. War. Ad infinitum.

Just a day (Oct 11, 2011) after the arrests of Veterans For Peace members and their supporters in separate incidents in Washington D.C., the capitalist news media was abuzz with the revelation that president Barak Obama accused Iranian agents of plotting to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States.  The accusation was that Iran's Quds Force members in the U.S.A. were hiring members of the Mexican drug cartel to do the dastardly deed.  Purportedly, $1.5 million was offered for the assassination of the Saudi ambassador.  If true, this is an example where the one-percenters (in Iran) manipulate the world.  If false, this is an example where the one-percenters (in the USA) manipulate the world.  
What the world is now witnessing in the Occupy movements is that enough is enough.  We are hearing from the ninety-nine percenters around the globe that a better world is possible. We are hearing that it is time to move beyond the class warfare inherent in and perpetrated by capitalism  We are hearing the resounding outcry that the world can no longer afford the rich.  The masses of people are hungry for a different and better world.  It is time to satisfy the hunger and eat the rich. 

2011 Jozef Hand-Boniakowski  

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